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Samples, loops
Big Fish Audio - Brush Artistry 2 (Stylus RMX) screenshot
Big Fish Audio - Brush Artistry 2 | RMX | 5.15 GB

Brush Artistry 2 is a modernized follow up to the classic Brush Artistry collection of loops containing beautifully recorded drums played with brushes. The nearly 3 Gig collection contains 68 drum loop construction kits, each with a plethora of variations and fills for your music. Styles include traditional Jazz Swing, Ballad, Waltz, Samba, and Bossa Nova, as well as contemporary Americana and World grooves. Each construction kit also contains various main grooves, fills, endings, as well as a unique "snare only" track, featuring just the brushes playing on a snare, allowing you to build your own grooves around them with other drum sounds. There are two sampled drum kits included with the collection for this purpose. Brush Artistry 2 will give your music the rich warmth and human touch that only real brush playing can provide!



download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/Big Fish Audio - Brush Artistry 2 (Stylus RMX)
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Resident 12.07.2010 187
funtime, could you please explain why "The nearly 3 Gig collection" is here a 5+ gig download? Usually with archives it is the other way around... is there something extra in this post?

  Releaser 5.01.2011 883 2900

Because it's without any compression...
Inside more than 5 GB.
We packed with best compression.
Size: 3.3 GB
  Releaser 5.01.2011 883 2900

Why you ask me? LOL
Probably because funtime need to be first as always. :)
I added links to pack with best compression.
  Contributor 9.06.2010 1174 646
Are you jealous of not being first, looser?
So why whith the "best compression", a nearly 3 Gig still turned into over 3.3GB? Explain it better then.
  Resident 15.08.2010 19
Is this just RMX or is this Apple Loops/WAVs as well?
  Contributor 9.06.2010 1174 646
It's stated well, only RMX
  guest -- 0
Hi @funtime, I can't download the link : http://ul.to/o5top9qy/BFA.BA2.RMX.part07.rar, can you please check the link and reup? anyway, great post ever! wooohooo
  Resident 12.07.2010 187
I think I figured out the situation... I have noticed before that rex titles take up MUCH more space after they've been converted for RMX, and BFA doesn't offer this title pre-converted for RMX, they give wav, rex, apple, etc with instructions on using RMX's rex converter to do it yourself. For some reason Magnetrixxx decided to pre-convert for RMX only, which is a huge waste of bandwidth. Hopefully someone will release the multiformat version soon?
  Releaser 5.01.2011 883 2900

Kiss my ass, LAMER.
You even cannot make normal package for people...
  Contributor 9.06.2010 1174 646
Whatever looser rofl
  guest -- 0
@freedom2: thx for the clarification, for me as well the BFA/RMX bundles were all previously WAV+REX (i.e. usable)

Does anyone know how to convert RMX back to WAV or REX? (I haven't used a converter in years.) Can Chicken translator do this sort of thing?

Thx in advance!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 395 2497
Thank you funtime

Please check your links, many have problem, especially UL ones parts 1, 3,7, 9
  Member 8.08.2013 1 15
Only ul.to links work. But they work.
  Releaser 5.01.2011 883 2900


Best compression. Size: 3.3 GB | 6 x 563 MB
or Click HERE for DOWNLOAD

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