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Samples, Kontakt
Spitfire Audio Spitfire Chamber Strings KONTAKT-Minified screenshot
P2P | 12 July 2021 | 6.4 GB
Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest string players, playing the finest instruments via the finest signal path in The Hall at Air Studios, London. A super deep-sampled encyclopaedia of string articulations and techniques. The Spitfire team’s favorite string product to-date.

When many of us hear the word “chamber” we think of white wigs and harpsichords. In modern vernacular however it simply describes a band that is smaller than a symphony orchestra. So anything from a quartet to 40 odd players. Where strings are concerned it generally means a medium sized ensemble consisting of 5 sections (1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos and basses).
Our desire was to create the definitive chamber strings project, recorded at Air Studios, that gives you the widescreen Hollywood sound we all desire, with a detail and ability to articulate that is harder with larger sized string sample libraries.

16 star players, 4 1st Violins, 3 2nds, 3 Violas, 3 Cellos & 3 Basses super deep sampled with over 244 articulations, including 38 shorts, 53 longs, 19 FX, and 45 extraordinary legato patches programmed by Andrew Blaney. Recorded with multiple round robins, dynamic layers and presented with 3 essential and versatile microphone positions. In addition to each individual section we also have a comprehensive selection of articulations and techniques presented in an ‘ensemble’ format designed for sketching and composing with ‘out of the box’ satisfaction.

Presented as a Kontakt Player library so no further purchases are necessary to run the library. We’re also proud that it is our first NKS-ready release for use with NI hardware. It features a new ‘intuitive’ GUI with an inbuilt user manual.

Spitfire was built on a chamber strings project. Many of our friends, including A-list composers, complained that sampled strings were unwieldy, ill-defined and too epic. That for much of their output, sensitive and achingly beautiful quiet passages through to searing lyricism didn’t require huge numbers but attention to detail. That symphonic ranges often tripled and quadrupled in size when playing lots of notes.
So we set about the difficult task of recording a chamber strings range which we shared as part of a private project with our nearest and dearest, and were delighted when it was received with huge amounts of optimism and encouragement.

Many, however, noted how it still sounded ‘kind of big’. So we returned to the chamber challenge with a question: How small can we go before it no longer sounds like a section? The answer was 4,3,3,3,3. A uniquely intimate group of extraordinary players in one of the best recording locations. Originally available in volumes, this project has now taken 4 years of our life. We now present Spitfire Chamber Strings in a rationalized, and more instantly useable form. As mentioned before it is the Spitfire team’s absolute favorite string range, admired for its beauty, its versatility but also its totally unique sonic character.
For us, if you’re a composer looking to stand out from the herd, our Chamber Strings are worthy of your attention.

• 244 articulations; 38 shorts, 53 longs, 19 FX & 45 legatos.
• 16 Top London string players.
• Recorded in situ (ie: in the positions they would sit as a section)
• Recorded using priceless valve and ribbon mics.
• Neve Montserrat Pre-amps into a Neve 88R desk.
• Recorded digitally at 96k via 2 “Studer tape.
• Deep sampled with multiple dynamic layers and round robins.
• Diverse and detailed with essential, additional and some totally unique articulations
• Legatos designed by Andrew Blaney
• Individual sections and ensembles.
• 3 Essential, diverse and most favored mic positions: (C (lose), T (ree), A (mbient)
• Kontakt Player included
• NKS-ready
• New intuitive GUI with inline help system.
• Thousands of very proud and happy users around the globe!

— — — — — MINIFIED INFO — — — — — — —

Since I like to have many Kontakt libraries but don't want to fill my hard drives with them, I minify them, keeping only what I really need from them.

— Library size is 7.4GB (from ~ 75.3GB)
— All samples are 16bit
— Added a Convolution Reverb and repurpose the original "Close/Far" slider to control it.
— Added menu to select IR type from the UI - "Reverb: Chamber" or "Reverb: Hall"
— Only the "Close" mic exists



Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Member 19.06.2021 60
Minified dropping almost everyday thank you so much still waiting for the big ones
  Member 8.01.2021 131
The author is called: embryo10, he uploads these on audionews. Massive thanks to him.
  Member 15.08.2016 296
The one I was waiting for! Thank you so much- these are fantastic.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1971
Great share!!
  Resident 7.01.2008 1244
EmBryo10 & Hidera : Great appreciation and gratitude for your, probably also laborious, work for us , EmBryo10 . Nothing can be taken for granted.
All the best for all of your projects.
STOP torturing intelligent animals to raise fur .
Finaly punish fur 'breeders'
  Member 14.06.2021 64
I started by uploaded the ones I was already using, but since there is such appreciation, I minified some more, that looked interesting and can get compacted a lot (like spitfire's)
  Resident 16.10.2010 56
makaveli, your awesome zippy links have been killed already. any chance of a new set ?
they're so fast, I prefer these to any other links.
much appreciated if you can do anything.
  Member 27.04.2019 6
It'd be nice to have the full non-minified Version. Thanks for giving.
  Resident 23.04.2017 2 430
Thanks but....the list of removed articulations is massive!?
I worry too much the app's features are missing...dunno, think I'll pass but thx just the same.
Lots of others seem happy so, all good
  Member 31.01.2012 30
zippy links are killed
is it possible to be fixed
thank you
  Resident 14.08.2020 5 123
I understand removing the far mic, but why take out so many articulations? I mean, no harmonics or con sordino, wtf?
  Member 14.06.2021 64
Violin1 "Con sordino" exists in Core techniques.
I removed the individual articulation by mistake
"Harmonics" I don't use, like ever.

And remember, as I wrote in the info:
"Since I like to have many Kontakt libraries but don't want to fill my hard drives with them, I minify them, keeping only what I really need from them."

If you don't like them, wtf, don't download them..

EDIT: hidera just added the missing instrument I send him, at the first post..
@hidera Many thanks!
  Member 17.01.2014 1 240
Thank you for everything. And as you say, if u don't like them don't download them. I downloaded all your releases and checked it out. Some work for me, other don't....either way a million thanks, noembryo. And hidera too for bringing your kids here.

  Resident 27.05.2020 26 436
Agree with @noembryo here. After all, the main motivation is personal usage. If you don't find value in the library, just don't donwload it.
  Resident 19.12.2018 56
Anyone has torrent? All these links are not working for me. It seems that Spitfire have one guy 24/7 watching this website can dmca all the links.
  Member 17.01.2014 1 240
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 4.12.2019 2
I would really appreciate a PM as well on that, thank you for this release
  Member 17.01.2014 1 240
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 5.04.2011 51
where to put tjr missing file a - Violins 1 - Long CS.nki?
Instruments (root)?
or maybe:
Instruments/_Advanced_/Individual articulations/a - Violins 1?
  Member 14.06.2021 64
Instruments/_Advanced_/Individual articulations/a - Violins 1
  Member 5.06.2015 30
The links are all dead. Someone can reup please!
  Resident 19.12.2018 56
Guys, use referer to track who from Spitfire Studio is lurking here and dmca all the files immediately, if you know PHP, you can trace him and block his account forever. Thanks
  Resident 19.12.2018 56
Maybe it is a guy from Rapidgator
Because all the links are down, BUT only the rapid gator ones are still valid.
You guys should ban Rapidgator for a while and see what is happening. Use ddownload for example, faster and better.
  Resident 19.12.2018 56
Re-upload anyone?
  Member 19.07.2021 2
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 5.06.2015 30
quote by i-D-cRe-upload anyone?

Try clicknupload (hidera links)...i've downloaded just yesterday
1M/s... better than nothing...
  Member 7.04.2022 5
Can we get a re-upload for this library? Appreciate it.
  Member 3.07.2022 1
All of the links were taken down, none of them work

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