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Samples, sound effects, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai, Video Tutorials

Flare | 27 August 2020 | 9.54 GB
The Perfect Fusion of Sounds for Filmmakers and Music Producers
Expand Your Collection With 12 GB of Samples and Construction Kits + a Free Bonus Sound Pack Today!

Everything You Need to Know

For All Cinematic Styles - From Aggressive to Uplifting

Tesseract covers a wide range of different cinematic styles: No matter if you're looking for some 80s synthwave in the style of Stranger Things, aggressive trailer music, dark horror sound effects or bright uplifting atmosphere, Tesseract has the right sounds for every media production.


Suitable for Filmmakers and Music Producers

We designed Tesseract to be suitable for filmmakers as well as music producers. Filmmakers can use a total of 50 music tracks that are also splitted into their separate parts plus 493 individual sound effects. Music producers can use all these sounds as well: All tonal sounds are key-labeled, all loops are BPM-labeled. The construction kits include separate stems that can be dragged and dropped into your DAW or sampler of choice plus they contain all MIDI files.


12 GB of Content - 1,589 Files

This sound library is the biggest cinematic collection we have released yet. It contains all sorts of universal cinematic sounds: Long Atmospheres (up to 3 minutes), broken drones, FX, impacts, risers, shimmering tones, sinister tones, static sounds, brass, moog bass, piano sounds and strings, braams, organs, bells, trailer drums and hits. You will find even more samples, sounds and full music tracks inside the 50 construction kits.


Includes 50 Construction Kits - Full Music and Single Sounds

What is a construction kit? A Tesseract construction kit includes a full music track that is also splitted into its single parts. So, you can either use the full music track or just pick the sounds and samples that you would like to use in your movie or music production or recompose the whole track to your needs by just drag and dropping the included sound files into your project.


Includes Video Tutorials for Filmmakers and Music Producers

Tesseract is suitable for beginners and advanced producers and also filmmakers. We included two video tutorials: One for filmmakers without musical background as well as one for music producers. Both videos explain how to properly use a construction kit in Premiere Pro and FL Studio.

We explain what a musical key is. Get creative and start layering sounds of the same key or BPM for endless possibilities of sound and stem combinations.

Free Exclusive Sound Library!

Ultimate Cinematic Hits

"Ultimate Cinematic Hits" is the perfect addition to Tesseract. It expands Tesseract by a large amount of high-quality cinematic one-shots and hits.

Expect even more braams, destructive impacts, dark drones, drum ensemble hits, epic hits, long and short risers, power downs, signatures, suckbacks and outstanding whooshes.

"Ultimate Cinematic Hits" is an awesome toolkit of epic one-shots made for filmmakers, music producers, video editors and video game developers.

This sound library contains a total of 280 outstanding samples with a size of 492MB.



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  Member 6.12.2013 3 152
Nice one Flare, thank you very much!
Also i just wanted to say that i love how you always include the demo track into the Splice packs! Thank you!
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 660
Thank you flare for this release. Almost 400 posts!!!!
Live life loud
  Resident 27.06.2012 1 329
Thanks so much for share! I will try this one :)
  Resident 17.04.2018 295
love you for this one specially
  Member 27.05.2020 85
rapidgator and uploaded is the worst download hosts ever
plz make links to zippyshare its the fastest and the best
  Contributor 22.08.2019 1714 266
You do know I have to make some money back from the stuff I release right? If you came here to complain, go somewhere else. If you want fast download speeds, buy premium or even better. Buy the pack yourself and support the developers.
  Member 27.05.2020 85
why did you take the requeast in anger chill out mate
its a request not more not less
I didn't know that you make money from downloads
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1740 13889
From the rules:
Comments are open to discuss the release, not to ... ask for new links... You will be freezed from comments for this violation.

Also, please read this: This is a link about how and why these file hosting services where chosen Click here.
  Member 24.06.2020 3 7
Bless you uploader, thank you so much
  Member 19.03.2018 36
thanks you very much, but one complaint. I hardly have space to unpack 9 gb.

Why is it packed 3 times. And after 2 times of nice 2gb packs I still have to unpack the 9 gb Rar.

It is just tedious to unpack and I see no benefit for you in packing it in several spilt like a matryoshka doll.

  Resident 5.01.2015 1 660
Simple. It's called compression.
Live life loud
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3414
It is true that it makes no sense, especially since RARing a RAR just makes it bigger. The same with ZIP. But it is not as tedious... I mean, unpack it, delete RARs, unpack it, delete RARs, unpack it, delete RAR, then compress the whole content once. That's what I do. In the process I also get rid of all the unnecessary files I don't need, like videos and demos, sometimes heaps of Ableton .asd files, or Mac .DS_Store files and Icon files. Make it the way you like it.

Thank you Flare for the upload. Your releases are one of the best, along with Fantastic's and Discovery's, when it comes to sample banks. Keep up the great work!

Ghosthack samples are usually worth downloading. Great sample makers. Remember to support them if you can, and remember to share!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 10.01.2018 120
thank you flare ,
you are on a FIRE
keep em coming
living in the 80s is good thing

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