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Samples, Kontakt
Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures KONTAKT DVDR screenshot
HiDERA | 30 July 2020 | 13.1 GB

Our second collaborative venture with the internationally-acclaimed London Contemporary Orchestra took us to an awe-inspiring aircraft hangar for a recording process like no other. Together we have created a completely unique, never-before-sampled sound palette — a sophisticated collection of constantly evolving organic textures, formed by layering unexpected combinations of instruments. In applying the signature workshopping, performance styles and innovative techniques that have made the LCO so sought after, we have produced textures made up of indefinable, fascinating sounds. Our need for unparalleled acoustics led us to the most unconventional recording space in Spitfire’s eleven year sampling history — a cavernous hangar with a remarkably long reverb tail — adding incredible resonance to each note. Enhanced with our unique Evo Grid, we give you access to a cutting edge, inspiring collection of instantly playable, spellbinding textures which will add incredible depth and colour to your composition.

•~3468 SAMPLES

Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2

Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher

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  Member 13.10.2019 28
Thank you for this.
"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth
when it is quite clearly Ocean."
— Arthur C. Clarke
  Member 5.01.2014 2 389
Love this .... Thank you so much.
  Member 14.11.2017 119
Thankssss! If I Will see Hermann's Composer Toolkit here, I think I will die.
  Member 25.06.2017 3 49
  Member 14.05.2014 59 690
Dfferent library.
  Resident 17.06.2016 330
Berbard Hermann Composer Toolkit is not in the bundle. you'll die later.
  Member 25.06.2017 3 49
some lovely birdy told me, that decibelle will release it in the next 2-4 weeks. stay tuned
  Resident 14.05.2013 2 135
Also OA S-t-r-a—tus
Thanks in advance bro
@emadlll ♪
  Resident 7.07.2016 701
The way they [email protected]&$ked all of the honest entries into their recent competition. I hope more of they’re libraries are released.
  Member 25.06.2017 3 49
so true, that was all a big fucking scam
  Member 7.10.2018 13 274
what happened what did they do?
  Member 25.12.2018 2 22
OMG! Thank you very very very very very very much!
  Member 6.04.2015 104
Chistmas is early... again. Thank you.
  Resident 26.11.2015 882
bought this one on sale a while ago - money well spent! it's definitely been perfect for lush ambient projects... absolutely ugly art/design though
make music, not walls.
  Resident 26.07.2014 23 364
Spitfire, we meet again! Thanks a lot hidera
  Member 6.12.2013 3 137
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 20.12.2015 22
Thank you hidera!
  Resident 31.07.2017 65
Uploaded links dead already
  Resident 7.04.2013 112
Thank you so much Hidera.
  Resident 7.07.2016 701
She's down. Please re-up thank yah

- Hail Hidera
  Member 22.10.2016 440
Just checked, both all still available via Real Debrid.
  Member 3.04.2014 36
Uploaded links DOWN :( reup ?
  Member 5.06.2020 1
Uploaded links dead already
  Resident 18.06.2019 28 123
please put back links if possible because they are already missing
"The action is music" Charlie Chaplin
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley
  Member 27.04.2019 34 92
Thanks hidera but reuplease links dead !
As long as there is beat, there is hope...
  Member 29.06.2019 34 70
Please hidera dead links :(
Reup please ?!
  Resident 16.10.2018 14 361
Thank you hidera! It made it to the r-tracker for those who know and can't get it here ;)
  Member 7.07.2019 70
all links are dead 3 days after the reupload... :'(
  Member 16.05.2016 1 20
Google dlecourse and you can download this using rapidgator or nitroflare
  Member 18.10.2019 61

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