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Samples, loops
Black Octopus Sound - Really Really Good Drum Fills (WAV, Ableton) screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 08 August 2018 | 98 MB
A product that has incredible drum fills, innovative FX drum fills, and tools to help you make your own drum fills in a ridiculously easy way? Welcome to Really Really Good Drum Fills!

A product that has incredible drum fills, innovative FX drum fills, and tools to help you make your own drum fills in a ridiculously easy way? Welcome to Really Really Good Drum Fills. Steve Roland (Black Octopus C.O.O.) and Ahee (the mastermind behind the Beats From The Bass Ship series) bring you an incredibly well put together collection of drum fills and drum fill design tools. Non-compromising attitudes of incredible sound quality and decades of combined musical experience went in to producing these huge, crisp, phat, and super groovy loops, one shots, and racks.

This pack has 4 main folders inside. Drum Fills which include 1 to 2 bar long drum fills in 11 different BPM’s ranging from 85bpm to 170bpm. The Drum Fills FX folder are sound bending, mind melting, effected Drum Fills that add innovation beyond the phat crisp drum hits of the non-effected folder. The One Shots folder includes many of the drum hits that were used to make the drum fill loops, so you can use them to make your own! If you’d prefer to make your own drum fills with this pack we’ve got you covered there too! Inside is an Ableton project file with midi files and two different drum racks, pre setup and ready to customize! Inside is also a tutorial video with drum fill design tips using the files provided!

This pack has got you covered for a wide range of drum fill needs, just drop and drag the loops into your DAW, or make your own with the tools in the pack! Get ready to make some next level and highly engaging sequences for any variety of electronic dance music!

What’s In The Pack?

Drum Fills – 144
FX Drum Fills – 58
Drum One Shots – 82
Ableton Project – 1
Midi Files – 5
Drum Rack Instruments – 2

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  Resident 26.05.2012 10 739
It should read "Really Really Good FAKE Drum Fills" because not a single one is actually a drum fill... they are all either drum machine loops or spliced/sample loops... but then again... 90% of DJ's know NOTHING about music or even how to *play an instrument , they are "one-finger posers" pretending to be talented because a computer or laptop enables them.
Turn off the electricity, and a DJ will starve to death!!

(*) (except for Zedd, he plays keyboards, guitars AND a real drumset both live and in the studio! I was impressed... )
  Member 7.02.2018 2
Haha , don't know if your trolling or actually being serious.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 929 8480
LuckySevens This is what older people were saying about synth players in the 70's LOL.

And you dont need to denigrate Djs to explain that these fills are machine made.

I agree with one thing though: The problem is when people cannot distinguish between the real thing and the false one and call it the same, Like children asked to draw a chicken and they draw a supermarket chicken without feathers ready for the oven.
  Member 19.10.2017 39
I like BO but this is a miss.
Noize Maker

- Trying before buying since ~1998

2016+ paying for stuff that is actually used.
  Member 18.03.2018 5
It's got virus
  Resident 17.01.2012 8 355
Positvely no virus in the archive I just checked both downloads myself.
You may see blocked pop-ups and warnings from Peeplink when you click on it, but unfortunatelly it's on their side and nothing much can be done about it.


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