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connor kaminski escape riff island: masterclass screenshot

What’s it all about?
Connor Kaminski invites you to play a game. Beat 16 mini-songs, spread across four unique islands. It’s riff after riff after riff, with each one building on something new. As you explore more of the Masterclass the challenges get tougher, and the rewards get greater.

Every mini-song is broken down in lesson format and each technique is brought back to the basics with 16 additional exercises.

Choose your weapon, start your quest and work your way to a riffage high score.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to make smart compositional choices, built on must-know riff-writing concepts from across the metal spectrum.

You will hone in on technical skills, such as palm muting, selective picking, pinch harmonics, thumping and more.

And in a JTC first, 7 and 8-string players have access to lessons on drop tunings, specifically tailored to them, with all ideas being transposed to 6-string as well.

What do you mean by “islands”?

This Masterclass is built around four “islands”, with each one made up of four levels to conquer. Each level features a different mini-song focusing on a new idea.

As you conquer an island and move on to the next, the riffo-meter steps up a notch until you are met with “Z'ogdoth, The Final Boss”.

Each level and island builds on ideas from earlier mini-songs, offering a highly structured and interactive way to learn.

What’s on each island?

Island 01 - Standard 6 Cove

The start of your adventure. Cycling motifs, arpeggiated chords, a tricky 5/4 riff and a stamina-testing finish.

Island 02 - Drop D Dungeon

Make the step up with half-palm mutes, open strings, a pocket groove and a “Miniboss” to see if you’re ready to keep progressing.

Island 03 - The Temple of Heptagon

The 7-string island with everything transcribed and filmed for 6-string players too. An exploration of chord shapes, dead strums and a trial-by-fire selective picking finale.

Island 04 - 8 String Mountain

Warning: this island is for veteran players only. Get past the first three levels of this one, and you’re met with “Z'ogdoth, The Final Boss” - a four-minute song that mashes up everything you’ve learned. Made for both 8-string and 6-string guitars.

Do I NEED to have a 7 and 8-string guitar?

No. This Masterclass can be completed on any guitar with 6 strings or more.

What tunings do I need to be in?

6-string users can stick to standard (E A D G B E) and Drop D (D A D G B E) for the whole Masterclass.

7-string material is in Drop Ab (Ab Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

8-string material is in Drop E (E B E A D G B E)

Can I skip an island?

Escape Riff Island has been designed to be “played” in order. Each mini-song and island builds on ideas previously covered. There are lessons, exercises, tab/notation and a PDF guide which will enable you to conquer each level. Cheat codes are currently unavailable.

What techniques are covered?

Every level, or mini-song, of each island focuses on a different core technique. The 16 exercises in the Masterclass offer a magnified look into each skill.

Alternate/selective/down/percussive picking
Palm/half-palm muting
Pinch harmonics

What theory is covered?

The riffs may be challenging, but the theory in this release is wholly accessible and is covered in the PDF guide and lessons.

Diatonic chords
Chord voicings
Chord progressions
Passing notes
Time signatures

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