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Hey, I am SOUNTEC and in this massive video course I share my complete knowledge about making, mixing & selling music.

We start with the basics. So it's also for complete beginners.

I use Rekordbox DJ (with a Pioneer DJ Controller) and Ableton Live (with the Midifighter 64 and the Korg Monologue). If you want to start with an affordable setup I can recommend the Pioneer DDJ 400 (Rekordbox DJ software is included). If you want to play melodies, you can use a Midi Keyboard like the Akai MPK Mini. You simply connect it with Ableton Live (you can test the software 30 days for free) and you can play every sound. It's really awesome, you have to try it out.

Here is what you will learn:

How to setup & use the software
How to setup & use the hardware
Basic music theory you need to know
How to "match beats"
Learn all DJ transition techniques
Where to set memory/hot cues
How to use effects
How to mix songs with different tempos
Everything you need to know about scratching
Everything you need to know about loops
How to add midi keyboards, synths or trigger pads
How to work with a hybrid setup
How to practice LIVE routines
How to save a lot of time
How to find & get the newest & best songs, sounds & samples
Get all my sounds & samples
How to create your own songs in Ableton Live
Which Plug Ins & VSTs do I use
How to prepare playlists and professional DJ sets
The secret hack to get millions of views on youtube and social media
How to get thousands of fans & followers FAST
How to avoid copyright strikes (learn everything about the music industry)
How to release & sell your own songs
How to promote & market yourself
How to get gigs

Massive Music Library included

REQ: Mix Academy SOUNTEC The Complete Online Video DJ Course screenshot

DOWNLOAD Special Training Songs
DOWNLOAD All Important Samples For DJs (e.g. Scratch Samples)
DOWNLOAD All Unreleased SOUNTEC Songs
Secret Playlists Of All Songs I Use In My Mixes
Secret Playlists Of All TOP Trending Club Songs and DJ Charts
Secret Playlists Of The NEWEST Mashups & Remixes
Secret Playlists Of TOP Trending Acapellas
Monthly Updates

REQ: Mix Academy SOUNTEC The Complete Online Video DJ Course screenshot

Learn everything in 9 hours. Over 100 video lessons. 9 hours total watch time

Learn STEP by STEP
& from A-Z
Section #1 - Essentials

Learn important music theory and how to use the software & hardware correctly

Section #2 - Transition Techniques

Learn all important transition techniques to make seamless transitions super easy

Section #3 - Effects

Learn how to use effects correctly and creatively

Section #4 - Mixing All Genres & Tempos

Learn techniques to mix songs with different tempos or from different genres

Section #5 - Scratching

Learn step by step the art of scratching

Section #6 - Tricks & Combos

Everything you need to know about loops, effect tricks, backspins,...

Section #7 - Mixing With Acapellas & Samples

Learn how to create live mashups and routines

Section #8 - Music Library & Preparing Playlists

Learn how to find, download & sort your music

Section #9 - Workflow

Combine everything you have learned and become ready for the stage

Section #10 - Hybrid Setup

Learn how to build your own hybrid setup with additional keyboards, synths, samplers & effect machines

Section #11 - Music Production

Learn all important basics to create your own sounds & songs in Ableton Live (Original SOUNTEC Projectfiles are included)

Section #12 - Insider Knowledge

Learn how to get gigs, how to present yourself as a professional DJ, how to market yourself, how to use social media and youtube correctly, how to get millions of views & followers FAST, how to deal with copyright, how to avoid strikes on youtube & social media, how to increase your market value, how to find your own style, how to release songs and much more.

Bonus #1 - Downloads

Download special training beats, scratch samples, handouts & my original Ableton Live project files.

Bonus #2 - Music Library

Get Playlists of TOP trending DJ songs. You can download the songs via an MP3 converter to mix them with your DJ software.

Bonus #3 - Behind the Scenes Mixes

In the lessons I am showing you different mixing techniques. To practice them you can download the songs I use and remake the exercises at home

Bonus #4 - Private Chat Group

In our private chat group we can communicate personally and you can ask me specific questions.

Bonus #5 - Certificate Of Graduation

After watching all lessons you receive a certificate of graduation

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