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The Elka Panther 300, also known as the Capri, is a classic Italian combo organ of the 60s.

The instrument produces bold, rich organ sounds and has a wide range of tonal variations (13). The Panthers 16', 8', 4' Stops and Mixture voice levels are adjustable. Each note spans over three octaves, there is bass extension into grey keys and separate volume control for bass octave(s).

Tone Decay adds percussive effect to Mixture voices. The Panther has powerful vibrato with speed and intensity control.


Physical modeling (no samples used) of vintage Elka Panther 300 (1966-1972) and the rare LEM Tape Echo delay effect.

13 treble stops in 4 ranks (16', 8', 4', Mixture), plus 2 bass stops
Treble voice stops: Bourdon 16', Contra Oboe 16', Strings 16', Open Diapason 16', Flute 8', Strings 8', Clarinet 8', Oboe 8', Flute 4', Strings 4', Salicet 4', Mixture I, Mixture II
Bass voice stops: Bass Bourdon 16', Bass Dulciana 16'
Adjustable 16', 8', 4', Mixture, and bass mix
In the harmony control section, the level of the 16', 8', 4' and Mixture voices can be infinitely varied via the knobs
Mixture I "Harsh" and Mixture II "Mellow" are a combination of 3 pitches: 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5'
Bass pedal board
Onboard vibrato: on/off, lite/heavy, slow/fast
Tone decay: on/off, adds an attack percussive effect to Mixture tabs
Optical swell (volume) pedal
Rare LEM Echo Music tape delay effect including a 2-channel mixer, tone controls and pan
Fully polyphonic

Advanced Features

Additional Elka Panther 100 engine
6 treble stops in 2 ranks (16', 8') plus 1 bass stop
Treble voice stops: Bourdon 16', Strings 16', Flute 8', Diapason 8', Strings 8', Trumpet 8'
Bass voice stops: Bass Bourdon 16', bass stop off lower octave plays the treble voices
Knobs: On/Off, volume, vibrato speed, vibrato depth
Effect Tab: Vibrato On/Off
Extended 88 MIDI note range
Sustain pedal support
Pitch bend ±2 semitones
MIDI program change support
Separate treble/bass MIDI channel
Adjustable vibrato speed and depth
Adjustable 12-note tuning
Vintage tube combo amp, with classic spring reverb, built-in opto tremolo, and cab simulation
(Cabinet impulse responses by Studio Nord Bremen and Dr Bonkers Soundlab)
Velocity-sensitive key contacts attack/release
All settings MIDI learnable
Wide range of presets
Windows and macOS installer (Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, Intel x86/64 CPU)
32 and 64 bit host/OS support

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