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REQ: 789ten The ANG Producer Pack V.2 screenshot
Instantly add sauce to your music with sounds and secrets of production from LA based duo ANG! Arturo Kahan and Gabriel Haber bring their unique blend of progressive trance, big room, heavy bass, and electro house to every club-ready anthem they produce, and you're invited along the journey as they work from finish their newest collab. Everything from recording additional vocals, sampling from the phone, mixing, synthesized sounds and resequencing are used in the finishing of this record.

We're excited to announce something we haven’t done before: filming the finishing of a collab born from a competition with 789ten contest winner Longplay. ANG will be demonstrating how they finish the track from arrangement to sound design for release-ready distribution.

With in-depth demonstrations of editing complex fills, buildups, sound engineering and arranging with a focus on listenability and dance floor senssationalism, load up on the skills you need to create professional-quality dance tracks that stand on their own as unique sonic masterpieces.

Get the pack today and create the tracks you've been dreaming of making this year!


ANG collabs with 789ten contest winner Longplay and demonstrate how they finish a track from arrangement to sound design for release ready distribution. This 2.5+ hr masterlcass leans on arrangement and building moments with tension and release. You will see in-depth demonstrations on how to edit complex fills, buildups and approach a track writing session from the perspective of listenability and dance floor sensationalism.


Unleash your music production creativity with ANGs latest sample pack. These 200+ samples provide the sounds you need to make your production stand out. An emphasis on loops and grooves are the foundation of this pack. ANG uses these exact samples in their productions - so you know you're getting this years best!


Turn your projects into professional-level masterpieces with ANG's powerful presets for DIVA & ANA 2

Project File

Daw: Ableton Live 11
We included the project file from the tutorial so you can follow along but also take apart all the tracks and maybe even implement them into your own records. All tracks frozen in an Ableton LIve 11 project.

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