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VST Macro Controls allow you to control VST plugin parameters in a more advanced way than Live’s Effects Rack device.

Unlike the Effects Rack which displays parameter values in a range from 0 to 127, VST Macro Controls displays the real values of VST plugin parameters. It is also possible to configure the controls as knobs or buttons, and the knobs can be configured in bipolar mode.

The device acts on VST plugins loaded in Live. This prevents VST plugin latency misreporting issues that can occur when wrapping VST plugins inside a Max for Live device, and also does not interfere with automation. So projects can be opened in versions of Live that don’t have Max for Live.

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  Member 9.11.2019 271
Saw this on SonicsTALK looks really interesting
  Member 3.11.2020 1 28
Tried to find on the internet even read the manual but doesn't show how this will show up on push 2 screen. If it doesn't look good on push then better stick with the normal macro because you have to map it anyway.

If this device pick up all controls and scroll the knobs in group of 8 up and down without mapping then will be outstanding. Could even use on launch control
But it's just a better and tidier view of the macro in effect rack in ableton as I understood from the manual.

anyway nice try this should be implemented natively in ableton in my humble opinion.

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