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Divisimate screenshot
Divisimate is a standalone application for Mac and PC and is designed to work alongside the DAW of your choice. The software creates 32 virtual midi ports which you can select as input for any instrument in your sequencer.
When you set up a template, this allows Divisimate to address every instrument individually. Divisimate will then interpret your midi input and distribute parts across your template.

The Divisi Engine.
Every chord you play is split up into individual musical lines. Select the number of voices you want to perform and the Divisi Engine will assign the played notes in the order from the bottom up. During your performance, the algorithm will constantly look for the best option to keep the internal voice leading intact.

In the Matrix you can assign each voice freely to the 32 output ports. You can also define a melody and a lower bass range on your keyboard which can be routed without being affected by the divisi engine. Every voice can be assigned to any port simultaneously, enabling the doubling of the same note in unison or octaves across multiple instruments. Midi CCs will be mirrored to all active ports.

After notes are assigned to their output ports, there are a couple of plugins you can use to modify the output.
With the Transposer you can transpose notes multiple semitones or octaves up or down. Not much more to it, but this one is very important.

Incorporate Divisimate in your personal workflow as prominently as you want. Whether you want to control your whole template or only use it for specific instruments is up to you. The options to bypass the matrix or silence all outputs allow you to use Divisimate seamlessly/effortlessly alongside the conventional track-by-track workflow.

You can save any orchestration into a preset for later use. The perform page allows you to organize your favorite presets and change between them instantly. There is a remote control app available that puts your orchestrations and the most important controls at your fingertips.

By switching between Presets you can quickly perform different parts of your arrangement. Of course you are not limited to particular ensembles or instruments. Get creative combining synthesizers, sampled instruments and build your own color palette for your project.

Open the door to a whole new workflow.
Divisimate has been developed for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11. It may be compatible to older systems, but we can’t guarantee that.
At least a quad core CPU is a must.
Apart from that any machine we tested that could run a current DAW could also run Divisimate.

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  Resident 23.02.2012 153
Very interesting app. +1

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