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REQ: XY Studiotools Song Sketch 2 screenshot
Hi everyone, I searched everywhere and couldn't find one to try. This is a Max4Live device for building Arrangements, I would love to test this device to see if my workflow really gets faster.

Song Sketch 2 is an arrangement tool for Ableton Live

Song Sketch is a tool for creating and working with song arrangement in Ableton Live. In Song Sketch, you can load, import, edit and create different arrangement patterns and apply them to your loops. In this way, you can quickly draft an arrangement, experiment with different options and evaluate alternative arrangements for the music that you are composing.

Song Sketch 2 includes a total of 168 arrangement templates in 14 different styles: Hip Hop, House, Deep House, Techno, Dance & Mainstage, Pop, Drum & Bass, Trap, Reggae & Dancehall, Trance, Reggaeton, Downtempo, Disco and Rock & Country. Add-on templates are also available in the shop.

The Song Sketch Workflow

The Song Sketch workflow takes you from a loop to a full track in a few steps:

Start with your loop. Start with the loop that you are working on. You can use midi- and audio clips of different lengths. For each track or group of tracks, you can use either just one scene of clips or several different scenes.

Apply an arrangement pattern. Load a template with an arrangement pattern for the genre. You can either use preset templates in Song Sketch, or you can create your own templates. In Live 11, it is also possible to import the structure of an arrangement into Song Sketch.

Assign parts. When loading a template, your tracks will be matched with the different tracks in the template. Before placing the arrangement, consider how the tracks are assigned and make the adjustments that you like.

Define scenes. You now have a draft arrangement to start working from. If you are using several scenes, for example if you like to use a different chord progression in choruses, select in which section each scene should be used.

Play back the first draft. Click the "To Arr" button to place the arrangement onto the Live Arrangement View and play back to hear the first draft.

Edit. Edit the song structure in Song Sketch, for example by changing the length of sections, adding new sections, drawing bars and adding automation.
Play back and continue your workflow in the Arrangement View. Update the Live Arrangement View and listen to your result.

You now have a starting point for a track and can continue your workflow in the Live Arrangement View, for example to work on layering sounds, creating variation throughout the track and adding automation.

REQ: XY Studiotools Song Sketch 2 screenshot

Arrangement Templates
Song Sketch comes with a set of arrangement templates in different genres and styles. Applying various arrangement templates enables you to quickly test your loops in a full length song. You can also customise the arrangements, for instance by applying the pattern to your loops in different ways, or by editing the length and placement of the different parts of your song. Any work you do in Song Sketch can be saved as a new arrangement template. You can also create your own templates from scratch.

Song Sketch 2 System Requirements
Song Sketch is a Max for Live plugin and works with:

- Ableton Live 10 Suite (10.1.13 or later), Ableton Live 11 Suite or Live 10/11 Standard with Max For Live 8 as an add-on license.

- Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Windows 10.

- Minimum 8GB RAM, recommended 8GB+.

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Looks interesting . I think they mentioned this on Sonicstate a few weeks ago
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Love this one

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