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  Member 2.10.2013 5 112
Proper request! Maybe the most proper one.) When I saw it's "title", I thought that I would have to go to the site and look for an additions/corrections list. But it turned out that you answered my question with one sentence.
In the days, trackers were the only possible way for me to create music. Years have passed and I'm thinking about returning to this concept.
Share your thoughts about the "daily use" of Renoise, please.
  Member 22.08.2019 1 18
Amiga, Protracker and good old days...
  Member 25.07.2017 11
I use Renoise exclusively since i began my music journey about 3 years now, and since you say you have experience with trackers you will feel right at home.I have a payed license but you can
download the demo version ,its fully functional except exporting and rendering instruments to samples.Sure there is a bit of a learning curve but you will be rewarded greatly once you get the hang on it.We have a forum here for any kind of problems or questions.Are you Greek?
  Member 2.10.2013 5 112
No, I'm Russian from Ukraine) but I love Greece. My father has been an official friend of Greek culture for many years. Later, he translated the works of one of the ancient Greek philosophers into Russian, Ukrainian and Polish for the first time with detailed comments. The books received the highest marks in the scientific community. In the early 90s, I traveled all over mainland Greece, and later visited many islands. It was wonderful, as it was not a tour, but lived at flat of friend of our family in Piraeus for 2 months. And I didn't need guides, I knew a lot more than they usually tell on their excursions.
  Member 25.07.2017 11
I thought you were Greek because of your username
mitykas which is the highest peak of mountain Olympus here in Greece
  Member 2.10.2013 5 112
No, not at all! That would be very arrogant) My nickname is a combination of a diminutive form of Lithuanian applied to my name. It was born by accident out of a joke.
I have another nickname, which sounds like "μοος", but also derived from the name, and has nothing to do with the myth) This story with nicknames and Greece seems mystical (just kidding).
Σας εύχομαι καλή τύχη!
P.S. I'm Currently Listening To Nana Mouskouri)
  Member 4.10.2021 6
Funny thing, I saw John Frusciante was using Renoise and I started demoing Renoise as my first DAW/Music Making Software. Kind of hard to get used to but I still love the fast workflow of the tracker style. Being able to navigate with keyboard is the most powerful aspect of trackers imo. Although I mostly record guitar, using trackers are simply so much faster for me with any kind of VST instrument. I sometimes wish the USD wasn't so bad in my country that I could buy Redux+Renoise.
  Member 2.10.2013 5 112
Yes, I've heard about Frusciante's choice. Redux is a very tempting plugin)
  Member 8.08.2021 1 36
Thanks if anyone can bring us this :D

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