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REQ: ReFX Nexus Version 3.5.3 screenshot
It would really be great if someone could get Nexus as it's one of the greatest ROMplers Ever made and the sounds are top of line

NEXUS version history
FIX Fixed activations for very old AMD CPUs (AMD FX series).
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.
FIX Fixed rare crash when closing the UI.
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.
CHG Tweaked look of context-menus.
CHG Preparations for future expansions.
FIX Improved sync reliability.
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.
FIX Arp-tabs, and Trancegate-tabs didn't update their names during preset-load.
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.
FIX Fixed crash that happened when having a drop-down menu open while closing the UI.
FIX General bug-fixes.
FIX Main Delay, Main Reverb, and Main Filter didn't react to UI changes.
FIX General bug-fixes (minor).
FIX Voice stealer was broken, which could lead to notes of unlimited length.
FIX Preset browser was empty under rare, very specific, circumstances.
FIX Arp/TG browser entries were unsorted.
FIX WINAAX version was unsigned and thus didn't work.
FIX General bug-fixes (minor).

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/REQ: ReFX Nexus Version 3.5.3
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  Resident 2.12.2019 323
they fixed the patch exploit with 3.5.x
  Member 29.10.2020 5 30
what does the patch exploit mean?
  Member 20.03.2016 4 24
they like closed the backdoor the patch uses
  Member 3.02.2021 25
So we won't get 3.4.4 even for Mac?
  Member 29.03.2021 4
How do you know it?
  Member 29.06.2021 11
  Member 8.03.2018 91
  Member 3.02.2021 25
Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to post!
  Member 28.01.2019 10
is it possible and take the original nexus 3.5.3 to aktivate the expansions from the 170GB download?
  Member 22.05.2014 11
Hello if i buy nexus from his webpage. Can I install pirate expansions?
  Member 16.08.2019 34 21
FIX The keyboard focus wasn't always restored to the correct component.
FIX Some dials didn't react to the mouse-wheel anymore.
FIX VST3 automation parameters didn't update their text correctly.
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.
  Member 15.08.2021 6
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.08.2021 6
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.08.2021 6
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.08.2021 6
There is a version 3.5.4 dll (not hacked )
download from free file storage
click to show download links
  Member 3.02.2020 5 8
I'm waiting for someone who can crack

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