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The sound of the Chinese tune flute is smart and colorful, sometimes heroic, sometimes graceful, like a dragon chanting, like a phoenix, full of the beauty of Chinese music. In the production of Xinyu, Santi Sound Technology has developed a new technology and recorded numerous samples to adapt to the unique playing style of Chinese flute. Xinyu is by no means a simple "flute", but a real Chinese flute.

Perhaps you have found the so-called flute sound in some "World Collection" sound sources. You must not be very satisfied with them, because Chinese folk music has a unique artistic aesthetic and way of playing. In order to capture this "special emotion", Santi Sound Technology has specially customized the purple bamboo tune flute that is most suitable for Chinese style works: from the selection of bamboo, the position of the bamboo joints, the tightness of the flute membrane, and even the humidity of maintenance and the way of playing. , We try our best to polish every link that affects the sound. In the recording process, the adjustment of the recording studio, microphone, speech amplifier, and various effects are also not taken lightly. On this instrument with a length of only a few tens of centimeters, we used more than 10 microphones for recording. In the range of just a dozen tones, we recorded 7 times before and after, and edited 20,000 samples. I am honored that all these efforts have finally paid off, and they have condensed into 1,745 samples.

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