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REQ: Spitfire Audio OLAFUR ARNALDS STRATUS screenshot

Fusing the power of technology with the organic beauty and emotion of the piano, Stratus is a vast, dynamic new instrument that will add depth, movement and colour to your music. Made in collaboration with BAFTA-winning Icelandic composer and producer Ólafur Arnalds, this versatile, multidimensional tool bends space and time through an intricate network of polyrhythmic piano performances. Awe-inspiring patterns and atmospheric clouds of harmonic refractions swell and die away at your fingertips, unfolding based on what you play and instantly sparking new ideas.

Instantly playable and easy-to-use, Stratus is presented in a bespoke interface made up of eight multi-layered piano and synthesizer matrixes, each offering a unique sonic experience — plus detailed customisation options and mind-blowing warped sounds, offering a spectrum of emotion.

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  Member 15.09.2012 222
I hope this soon and Albion NEO
  Resident 8.06.2013 9 154
  Member 19.03.2020 1
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 14.05.2013 2 135
W8 for it
@emadlll ♪
  Member 25.06.2017 3 49
I bought it and It is absolutely awesome. Love Olafurs Work
  Member 4.02.2014 30 20
it would be nice if you share with others ;)
  Member 21.03.2020 5
it would literally mean the world to me if you try and share it with us yes, with all what's happening in the world right now this would really be helpful, and i'll be forever in your debt :' )
  Member 6.05.2014 319
Spitfire libs are not really seen here anymore, it's been years. I would love to see this but I kind of doubt it...
  Member 21.03.2020 5
you're right sadly, I really wonder why
  Member 28.02.2020 1 2
Yea, it's a real shame. Their content is always absolutely golden
  Member 21.03.2020 5
Any news on this guys? this would really be helpful in the quarintine we're all in
  Member 9.12.2014 6 45
yeeees pleaseee
  Member 21.03.2020 5
guys does anybody know how to remove the info of the buyer from the library? cause everything spitfire puts out for kontakt now has the buyer info embedded into it, we wont be able to share any new stuff like that, and soon most of the other companies will do the same
  Member 4.02.2014 30 20
can you show a screeshot? paint over the info if needed.
  Member 21.03.2020 5
check your inbox bro
  Member 13.10.2019 28
I wonder if they run a checksum over the user info or some kind of parity algorithm? Simply null out of user data would no be sufficient in that case.
"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth
when it is quite clearly Ocean."
— Arthur C. Clarke
  Resident 18.06.2019 28 123
Saw videos!!! so Good
"The action is music" Charlie Chaplin
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley
  Member 5.05.2020 13
Hoping This one would come out Soon!!!!!!.

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