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REQ: Plugmon Eclipse Skin + Presets for u-he HIVE screenshot

skin + presets | 2018.12.28
The eclipse theme comes with a preset library and 60 custom wavetables.
This soundset is an “all-purpose” sound library and will invite you to Hive’s new sonic realm.

Every preset uses wavetables in order to…

Get some uniquely evolving sounds
Get exquisite nuances that static waves don’t have
Get sounds that can never be achieved without wavetables.

Unlike our other packages such as Massive Modular or AIKO, this library is not a bonus, but a serious product.
Every single preset was elaborately built up until it hit some “sweet-spot” of wavetables. All presets are mod-wheel ready and fully XY pad assigned.

REQ: Plugmon Eclipse Skin + Presets for u-he HIVE screenshot

REQ: Plugmon Eclipse Skin + Presets for u-he HIVE screenshot

REQ: Plugmon Eclipse Skin + Presets for u-he HIVE screenshot

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  Member 1.05.2018 19
IMHO, Plugmon is one of those designers who makes very user friendly custom VST skins. My personal favt is his/her work called Interstellar ( a flat Junoish UI) for U-He Tyrell N6. Eclipse for Hive certainly looks much better (in terms of straight forward UI) than the one that comes with default install (not a fan of the Hexagon shape).
  Resident 28.01.2016 3 606
I agree, Plugmon's really one of those who seem to understand proper ui design, in terms of readability and colour coding. And there have been serious improvements from the old works.

I will probably end up buying this one as well, although if there ever happens to be someone who already got it and wanted to share after seeing the request I'll have a chance at trying it out without the demo restrictions, and as usual I'll buy it if I end up using it frequently.
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  Member 15.10.2015 1 605
That looks like a completely new synth!
  Member 5.11.2012 1 171
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3485
This skin looks brilliant! :P Like, you don't need so much time to figure out where all the things are. Although, I must admit that u-he design is one of the best in the plugin world, any design could use some improvement. I'm loving plugins that I don't need half an hour to figure out its design philosophy. I grew up with hardware and studios ffs... it's plug in, plug out, simple.
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