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Introducing Spitfire Studio Brass — the second release in our vital all-new Spitfire Studio Orchestra series. An incredibly versatile pro-end dry stage sample library, available in two versions: Spitfire Studio Brass, and Spitfire Studio Brass Professional. By choosing the crisp and vibrant setting of Air Studio One, a smaller, more controllable space than the opulent Lyndhurst Hall, we offer our fellow composers a brass library with depth, detail and awesome punch, including less frequently heard relatives such as bass trumpet, contrabass tuba and cimbasso.

Epic power is on tap, but it comes with the grace and pinpoint detail of the dry stage. Choose solo, duet or section performances; realise the detail of your music with swells, flutter tongues and staccatissimo stabs as well as traditional articulations; and in the Professional edition, choose from microphones placed super close to the player, through to outriggers and ambients at the edges of Air Studio One – or mix and match for absolute tonal control.

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  Member 8.05.2015 51
Wait for..
  Resident 1.07.2015 409
Slightly pointless release, rly? We already got their other (main) brass lib, and that was a bit (very) underwhelming. This one (studio brass) is just batch recycled samples with "new" mic positions. (Aka different reverb =) apparently >_____>

If ya <3 brass & got that cash burning a hole in ur pocket, better spend it on something else? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Resident 26.07.2014 22 297
So much misinformation in one reply... "batch recycled samples" lol this is a complete set of new recordings (17 instruments) in Air Studio One's dry stage. It's called STUDIO brass for a reason and it has nothing to do with their Symphonic Brass library, which was recorded in the Lyndhurst Hall and is far from underwhelming. That's YOUR opinion.

Seriously man, get your facts straight. It may not be your cup of tea but there's no reason to spread false information like that.
  Resident 1.07.2015 409
It was actually a reference to this (!) post (and many others!) slightly sarcastically. But there seems some truth to the whole "recycling" comment. I mean, they're in the business of making money, why wouldn't they!? :D I do stiill like Spitfire, but I'm a bit wary of them, also. Feels like a waste of money, to me. Caveat emptor.
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Member 22.01.2016 2 41
yes it will be good to compare with cinematic studio brass and later I can decide which one deserve my money
  Member 8.05.2015 51
Great product - nothing to argue about.
  Member 13.01.2019 12
''If you stack/layer STUDIO brass with the SYMPHONIC brass, Together they sound like a whole.'' CH said this in Spitfire's YouTube video.

Yes I like to hear small and dry sections together with big and wet sections. Maybe you want this for stacking, who knows?

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