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REQ: MAAT thEQorange (PC&Mac) screenshot

When purity is paramount.
A linear phase EQ with unparalleled clarity. For mastering ears, and other discerning engineers.

One Month Introductory Price: $890, $990 List
In A Class By Itself
There are many cheap and cheerful EQs out there. Most sound like…well, you get what you pay for, right? Even in the relatively rarefied world of “linear phase” (LP) equalizers, you have well over a dozen to choose from. Our thEQorange is special, with a clarity and “rightness” you have to hear to believe.

Whether you’re looking for surgically precise repair, colorless correction, or simply baggage–free spectral contouring, thEQorange has no equal. Our proprietary, precision algorithm delivers on the promise of linear phase correction.

Unobtrusive Power
thEQorange’s powerful features hide behind its clean and simple UI. Eye candy is great for newbies, but thEQo ain’t your typical budget filter: thEQorange packs all the advanced features you need into one resizable window that’s easy on the eyes. Not only does the UI “get out of the way” so you can be more productive, we’ve incorporated industry–first features that speed your workflow, neatly packaged to make thEQorange easy and intuitive to use.

Subtle Functionality
We’ve brought pristine fidelity and innovative user interface design to what used to be an unremarkable product category. With four monitoring modes, an ergonomic and uncluttered interface, intelligent auto–gain powered by DRi plus crazy good sound, you’ve got to try thEQorange for yourself.

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB MAAT thEQorange (PC&Mac)
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  Member 12.02.2018 69 138
This EQ looks so sick
  Member 2.10.2013 5 16
as it's price
  Resident 18.09.2013 3 70

$950 (tax added), for ONE Plug-in??

that's more than the monitors that i listen with...and those sold separately!
that's more than the tower that would hold the software, PLUS the two SSD's i upgraded in it...combined!

they smoke the BEST crack
  Member 10.07.2014 222
Jesus Christ! For that amount its better it automatically EQ every song to a Hit! and do the dishes..
  Resident 17.02.2009 772
What You’ll Need
MAAT’s thEQ line requires a 3-Series CmStick USB dongle and the current software framework from Wibu Systems. Our CmSticks offer portability and reliabilty for your valuable purchases. In addition, each dongle purchase includes a $50 voucher, which can be applied to your next purchase from our store. So, the included coupon more than covers the cost of the dongle itself.

Own a Wibu Dongle?
If you already own an existing CmStick, it may be pressed into service for your thEQ demo. To check, simply plug in your dongle, then open CodeMeter Control Center and look for the serial number of that dongle. If the serial number begins with a “3” then a dash, you have up–to–date hardware. If not, you would need to purchase a current CmStick.

CodeMeter Start saving :)
Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Member 25.11.2017 86
So this guy casually req a 900 bucks plugin with nothing other than mofo WIBU dongle on it troll or took too much?
  Member 1.03.2015 219
There is not even one video or audio demo about it!!!!
  Member 7.10.2018 13 86
this has to be cracked for the memes
  Member 11.11.2018 11
Yeah I totally agree! ^^
But I doubt it will be, isn't this dongle thing actually what prevents us from having the newer Nexus versions too?
  Member 16.01.2014 3 145
Nexus uses Syncrosoft/Steinberg Key.
This one is WIBU-Key...same as Propellerhead uses for Reason (since version 6)
  Member 14.11.2017 72
Its a linear-phase eq without any preringing, def high end stuff i guess. Programmed by the guy who did the Algorithmix PEQ Orange.
Thx 2 everyone in here supporting us with all the great tools!

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