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REQ: D16 Group Total Bundle (OSX) screenshot
The Cure for Vanilla-sounding Recordings
Elevate your virtual studio with 15 top-tier plug-ins. The D16 Group Total Bundle not only includes the Classic Boxes bundle and the SilverLine Collection, but you also get an abundance of powerful soft synths, delays, and modulation effects. Enjoy emulations of vintage Roland hardware, turbocharge your mixes with the ultra-flexible Sigmund delay, or craft engaging soundscapes with LuSH-101, a powerful one-size-fits-all synthesizer. Vanilla-sounding recordings will be a thing of the past once you tap into the power of the D16 Group Total Bundle.

Classic Boxes Bundle:
Attain classic Roland 303 bass sounds
The sound of the D16 Group Phoscyon is instantly recognizable if you've ever listened to electronic music before. That's because it's an award-winning emulation of the classic TB-303 bass-line synthesizer. But unlike the original hardware synth, you won't have to dedicate weeks to learning to program it. Phoscyon gives you classic 303 bass sounds, with a powerful arpeggiator and aggressive-sounding distortion effect on tap too.

A fantastic collection of vintage Roland drum machines
Roland wrote the book on electronic drum sounds in the '80s with their TR series, and thanks to the D16 Group's Nithonat, Nepheton, and Drumazon, you can inject your music with superb emulations of the beloved TR-606, TR-808, and TR-909 drum machines. All together, you have almost all the sounds that set the foundation for electronic music worldwide. And best of all, all three employ a synthesis-based design rather than using samples, so they produce sounds that are incredibly dynamic and flexible.

SilverLine Collection:
Add intensity or mangle your audio with bit crusher and distortion plug-ins
Mix engineers at Sweetwater know that distortion can be a subtle tool to highlight mix elements just as well as it can create sonic insanity. To cover the whole range, the D16 Group SilverLine Collection gives you two versatile distortion plug-ins and a bit crusher. Devastor is a multiband distortion plug-in you may recognize from D16's Phoscyon synth, while the Redoptor is an exact emulation of vintage tube distortion. Decimort is an advanced bit crusher that simulates the sampling path that exists in every AD/DA converter.

Awesome modulation effects with flexible phaser and chorus effects
The musicians at D16 Group are no strangers to modeling the best characteristics of vintage gear, and it shows in their modulation plug-ins. Fazortan is a phaser plug-in created with D16's most advanced modeling techniques that combine the rich sound of '70s phaser effects with dual LFOs to give you an astonishing array of modulation effects. The Syntorus chorus plug-in emulates an analog unit with dual delay lines, which allows you to re-create virtually any classic chorus effect.

You'll be amazed at the spaces you can create with this reverb plug-in
While D16 Group is known for outstanding re-creations of vintage hardware, the Toraverb reverb plug-in is completely unique. It's designed to let you create virtually any type of reverb effect. You'll be able to fine-tune every aspect of your reverb sound, with separate EQ for early/late reflections and a modulation control for the reverb tail. Advanced modeling of spacial reflexions creates a more lifelike sense of space than you can achieve with many traditional reverbs.

The D16 Group Sigmund is much more than a delay plug-in. Yes, it delivers multi-tap delays, but thanks to complementary modules built into each delay line, it also creates tremolo, filter, and distortion effects. Multipurpose modulators can operate as LFOs, envelopes, or peak followers, yielding analog-like delays, dynamic transient effects, and wah-wah sounds. Versatile doesn't even begin to describe Sigmund. By manipulating its parameters, you can employ Sigmund as a chorus, flanger, spatializer, and even a mastering/bus dynamic processor!

LuSH-101 provides everything from classic synth sounds to out-of-this-world effects
Spend some time with LuSH-101, and you'll find that it's a powerful one-size-fits-all synth. It's easy to dial in all manner of bass, lead, and percussion sounds, but LuSH-101 really comes into its own when you start creating layered sounds. The multilayered architecture lets you assign each layer its own polyphony, arpeggiator, and insert effects.

PunchBOX's samples are meticulously crafted using only the finest instruments and vintage analog gear. The kick synthesizers are based on D16's acclaimed emulations of classic Roland drum machines, customized and upgraded for deployment in PunchBOX. The PunchBOX audio engine consists of four sound generators, each of them dedicated to a key component of your kick sound. PunchBOX comes with a vast content vault filled with high-quality kick drums from top sound designers. If you prefer to roll up your sleeves and build your sounds from scratch, however, the tools — including a sleek interface and powerful FX rack — are readily at your fingertips.

Antresol is an infinitely tweakable flanger with classic analog sound
The D16 Group Antresol drenches your guitar riffs and synth lines in a rich character that harkens back to those familiar with bucket brigade device-style effects stompboxes of yesteryear. Essentially a delay feedback loop controlled by an LFO generator, Antresol delivers everything from subtle thickening to swirling jet plane effects. Antresol's hardware emulation is remarkable — it's clear that D16 Group went to great pains to model every aspect of the analog circuitry that inspired its design.

Repeater is packed with 23 unique delay models
The D16 Group Repeater injects your recordings with space, depth, and excitement. Choose from 23 unique delay models, ranging from classic tape delays to studio-favorite digital units. Achieve captivating echo effects with two independent delay lines, each with its own adjustable parameters. Synchronize to your DAW, or adjust your tempo manually with the handy tap function. Enjoy effortless operation, thanks to the Repeater's easy-to-navigate tag-based browser. The Repeater also features a ping-pong mode, analog-style feedback, MIDI-learn functionality, and a two-stage stereo spread.

Plug-ins included in this bundle:
-PunchBOX bass drum synth
-LuSH-101 multitimbral polyphonic synth
-Nepheton drum machine
-Decimort2 high-quality bit crusher
-Drumazon drum machine
-Devastor2 multiband distortion unit
-Nithonat drum machine
-Phoscyon bass-line
-Antresol analog BBD stereo flanger
-Sigmund flexible delay unit
-Syntorus double-path analog chorus
-Toraverb space-modulated reverb
-Redopter vintage tube distortion
-Fazortan controllable space phaser
-Repeater vintage modeled delay

D16 Group Total Bundle Features:
15 top-tier plug-ins to elevate your virtual studio
Classic Boxes bundle provides emulations of vintage Roland hardware
SilverLine Collection adds new layers of excitement and depth to your mixes
Sigmund is a delay plug-in with tremolo, filter, and distortion effects
Experience everything from classic synth sounds to out-of-this-world effects with the LuSH-101 soft synth
PunchBOX is the secret to crafting killer kick sounds
Achieve classic analog flange effects and more with Antresol
Repeater's vintage modeled delays inject your recordings with space, depth, and excitement

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