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Any great blues player will tell you that arpeggios are the secret to always hitting the right notes, at the right time. But how do you leverage the power of arpeggios as a soloing tool without sounding like you’re just playing arpeggios? Jeff McErlain has the answer!

This Blues Arpeggios edition of Take 5 from Jeff McErlain is an accelerated curriculum designed to help you unlock the improvisational power of arpeggios when crafting solos without having to struggle through a lot of tedious exercises.

”Arpeggios are the most important thing a musician can work on for improvising. Scales, of course, are very important, but as you may have encountered in your own playing, you often hit notes that sound wrong yet are in the scale. This is because the best sounding notes to resolve to are the ones that are in the chord. Arpeggios are derived from scales as each scale contains seven chords.

This course is designed to help you navigate a blues by using arpeggios as opposed to thinking scales. I find when I think about improvising out of the scale, I play very “scaly”. In other words, it is often uninspired and not very musical. When I think about improvising by embellishing arpeggios, I find my playing to be much more inspired. And you will too!”

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