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REQ: Steinberg Dorico Pro v2.0 screenshot
Dorico helps you write, print and play back music notation to the highest professional standards. Created by the world experts, Dorico combines the finest engraving of the last millennium with the cutting-edge technology of the next. The result: a masterpiece of design that musicians will be using for decades to come. Dorico is like a driverless car. Its artificial intelligence does all the tiresome work for you, leaving you free to sit back and create.

Natural and effortless
Just as you won’t have to think about steering, pedals and indicators, Dorico expertly handles notation, engraving, playback and part preparation for you. You’ll wonder how you ever put up with map-reading or changing gear. And you’ll shake your head at the hours you used to waste fixing rhythms and ties, tweaking engraving, searching manuals and on complex workarounds.
Fast, streamlined and effortless – Dorico feels so natural, you’ll soon forget you’re using software at all. Soon, driverless cars will be everywhere. And everyone who writes music will use Dorico.

REQ: Steinberg Dorico Pro v2.0 screenshot

Intelligent notation
Dorico understands notation better than any other program – and even most musicians! As you input music, it uses sophisticated rules of rhythm and pitch to notate it as clearly as possible. Insert, delete or edit notes, bars, clefs, time signatures, etc., and Dorico rewrites the music with exceptional skill. No adjusting required – Dorico gets it spot on every time. In fact, it’s the only scorewriter you can compose or arrange straight into without needing to make constant corrections.

REQ: Steinberg Dorico Pro v2.0 screenshot

Streamlined input
Dorico has the easiest input of any scoring software. Instead of the confusion of input methods in other programs, Dorico is streamlined and simple. Write music fluently with your keyboard or mouse, and save time with easy-to-remember key commands.

Exceptional engraving
Dorico engraves music better than almost any human can – producing beautifully clear results all by itself. And clearer results mean more accurate sight-reading, and shorter rehearsals.
We spent years consulting experienced engravers, leading music publishers, and hundreds of books and scores, to design the world’s most sophisticated engraving algorithms. No other program incorporates anything like this level of expertise.
Attention has been lavished on every detail, from the meticulous design of the 3000 symbol Bravura font, to positioning rules for every notated element. Dorico can space music more tightly than any other program, tucking and kerning accidentals, etc. so that fast rhythms aren’t distorted.

Ergonomic design
Dorico has a clear, simple design that lets you focus on the music. And it’s as efficient to use on a laptop as in a studio with multiple large displays.
Dorico is streamlined into five activities — Setup, Write, Engrave, Play and Print — that you can switch between with just one click. Collapsible panels provide instant access to features, and you can hide them to see as much music as possible.

REQ: Steinberg Dorico Pro v2.0 screenshot

Efficient windows
Open as many windows onto the same project as you like: keep one in Write mode for input and editing, another in Play mode for tweaking playback, or change modes within the same window with one click. Switch between tabs for the conductor’s score and instrumental parts, or split the window to work on both at once. Dorico helps you do your best work without getting in the way.

World-class audio engine
Dorico has the same world-class audio engine as Cubase and Nuendo, delivering pristine sound quality with crystal-clear 32-bit floating-point resolution and 192 kHz sample rate. Dorico supports all VST 3-compatible virtual instruments and effects, and includes the HALion sample engine and a top-end compressor and brickwall limiter that can be inserted on each channel.

REQ: Steinberg Dorico Pro v2.0 screenshot

Sequencing built in
Not only does Dorico automatically play numerous standard notations — from dynamics and tempo marks to ornaments and grace notes — but it’s the only professional scorewriter with sequencing built in. This lets advanced users make fine adjustments to MIDI playback, using VST Expression Maps, MIDI editing and more.

Music for media
Dorico 2 is packed with tools for composers, arrangers, orchestrators and copyists working in film, TV and video games. From seamless support for video to powerful new tools for tempo and MIDI automation, Dorico 2 is ready for its close-up.

Put your music in the picture
Dorico 2 introduces best-in-class support for composing to picture. Using the same powerful new video engine found in Cubase and Nuendo, attach a video to your project. Play it back via the dedicated video window and see thumbnails in Play mode. Add markers at crucial points in the action and display them in the score. Use the new tempo automation controls in Play mode to line markers up with beats or find a tempo for the whole cue.

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  Member 2.05.2014 130
still no elements?
  Member 19.10.2018 1
Waiting also for a release.
  Member 5.07.2016 9
Waiting for Christmas/New Year's eve
  Member 11.02.2014 50
Waiting for 2019 Jan
  Member 19.10.2018 50
Yes hoping for this
  Member 9.10.2013 1 70
Well, I haven't seen a cracked Steinberg Pro product in a very long time, which is something very strange. I don't believe that it's something "impossible to hack", there is not such a thing. What I believe and I hope to be wrong is that Steinberg has a very strong control of their hacked products or their pay hackers under the table to stop doing their jobs. (I think the second idea is more plausible).
I've also seen some other very useful app (very little and I'm sure easier to hack) without a crack in years and since the developer is very active in every known audio forum, it seems to be that hackers hold back due to respect or may be friendship.
So, in the case of Steinberg I don't believe we are going to see some releases... Unless something changes.
  Member 23.10.2018 1
I'm waiting for the exit of Dorico 2.0 to finally bury the Finale ...

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