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Just came across this one and it kind of blew me away in the demo :) I think it would be an awesome tool for all Abletonheads here

Explore new sonic worlds

CatStretch is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument. It lets you 'freeze' a sonic character at a specified position and play it back chromatically with MIDI notes.

Stretch any sound to infinity.

CatStretch is specially tailored for extreme sonic manipulations in the spectral and time domain. You can adjust the position of a sample with the 'Scrub' dial. It uses a phase vocoder to achieve time stretching up to total time freeze.

Sculpt your samples in new and unheard ways.

2 assignable Matrix LFO's, 3 Envelopes, Effects and a Multimode filter. These features will help you to further shape and design exciting new soundscapes.

Explore the Catstretch Presets and drag your own samples on the display to play them! Catstretch features a small but dedicated sound library for its presets.

New in CatStretch 2:

UI Overhaul
Push mappings
Multimode Filter with 4 Filter Types (LP, HP, BP, Notch)
Filter ADSR Envelope with modulation, amount and dry/wet
Stretch ADSR - The Stretch Amount can be controlled via ADSR
Full parametric 3-Band EQ and Spectrum Display
Volume and parameter optimisations
PDF manual

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  Contributor 3.05.2011 473 3100
audio demo sounds dope.
  Resident 5.02.2013 7 243
yeah, it's what got me too and made me post the request right after watching it :)

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