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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


The King is an extremely powerful and beautiful Compression Plug-In that has a dynamic amount of features and effects to really bring your track to life. Able to be used on your Master channel, or on individual Audio tracks or MIDI Instruments to allow full customization and effectiveness. The King has the ability to give the users control over 5 bands (Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High) and with this access allows the user to perfect the sound of each frequency group. Increase the individual band Threshold, increase or decrease the individual band Make Up Gain, fix the Input / Output Gain to your liking, add a limiter and so much more!

The King was developed to create ease for the everyday producer and DJ. Designed and Developed by the powerful team of W. A. Production, The King is by far the most complex, clean and versatile multi-band compression plug-in to every hit the market. Using this plug in on your master will bring an entire new light to your mix. Allowing the individual frequencies to fill where they are supposed to. The idea with adding all of these amazing features to this plug-in was an idea we believe will help everyone.

EQ’ing is a very important part of producing, and though the Magic EQ is not meant to be the sole EQ of your entire mix or instrument, it does a fantastic job of cleaning out any mud in the spectrum prior to post EQ’ing the instrument later on in the production. Being able to run the entire effect through a Limiter eliminates any frequency mesh that may cause clipping.

The Limiter keeping the track at 0db removes the need for another third party Limiting plug-in, unless there is still a need for another limiter for other production techniques. This plug-in is an absolute beast, and we believe it will be the last multi-band compression plug-in any producer will need to invest in!

Why should I use The King?

We believe the real question is why shouldn’t you use The King? Let us tell you a little about it. The King is a beast of a creation. It is summarized as a Dynamically Enhances Multi-Band Compression Plug-In. The average joe Multi-Band Compression allows the user to compress all the bands of an audio track, MIDI instrument and or the master rack. They also allow you to change the threshold of each band and the release time, all of the basic, right? Well The King is much more than just increasing some threshold knobs.

Now, sure you can adjust the threshold of the bands. But most, if not all, multi-band compression plug-ins only allow you to mess with three bands, Low, Mid and High. The King is more than just three bands, it allows you to control and adjust 5 total bands, Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High! But we did say The King was much more than the average joe multi-band compression plug-in. The King Has amazing features such as:

- 5 Band Threshold knobs

- 5 Band Make Up Gain knobs

- Input/ Output Gain

- Upward Compression Knob, Downward Compression Knob

- Release Time knob

- Overall Plug-In Mix knob

- Magic EQ with 3 different Shapes/ Curves and a built in Limiter!

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