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Hi, Sonarworks Reference 3 has been updated with Reference 4.
Reference 4 introduces zero latency. No extra latency means that the Reference 4 plug-in can be used for vocal and instrument tracking.
Also Systemwide is included in the package for a convenient use outside of the DAW.
Thanks for your help and thank you for all the great releases !
PS : Please consider buying if you like the product and support the company great work.

Finally you can work with confidence on the setup you have. Sonarworks Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from your studio speakers and headphones, so you can trust that you hear your mix accurately.

Reference 4 Studio Edition offers the full package of highly powerful software, providing consistent reference sound both in the studio and on the go. Measure your studio with the included mic, it takes around 10 minutes. Reference 4 then creates a calibration profile. For headphones select a pre-made profile, and you're ready to go. Calibration can be run in DAW via plugin for lowest latency or via Systemwide for maximum versatility.

Reference 4 Studio Edition includes:

Speaker measurement software - find out where your monitors need help
DAW plugin - reference sound combined with zero latency for any musical endeavor
Systemwide - apply calibration to all outgoing audio

download from any file hoster with just one Zevera account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with Zevera.


  Member 12.04.2012 3 84
yes please (for OS X as well) - thanks a lot :-)
  Member 10.04.2014 2 58
I am in so much need of this ! Can't buy it, please dear crackers, both WIN.OSX :)

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