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REQ: Three-Body Technology Heavier7Strings (WIN/MAC) VST screenshot

Heavier7Strings is a real-time playable sample-based virtual instrument. The sample library consists more than 10,000 samples in 24-bit 48000 Hz, totalling 8 GB.
The sampler used in Heavier7Strings is self-developed, no third-party samplers were used. It has following characteristics:
Direct read from disk;
Shared sample buffer between instances to reduce memory consumption;
Automatic fade out on disk-read overtime to avoid clicks & pops.
Infinite sustain;
Hammer-on & pull-off;
Legato slide in/out;
Pinch harmonics;
Polyphonic legato;
24 "inspiration keys" to directly trigger specially played sounds/complex performances;
String and fret board position;
Up/down picking;
Strumming: deduce complete chord from part of composing notes;
Trigger power chords from root note.
Built-in DSP Engine
A built-in DSP engine named THRASH (Tonal/Harmonic Reconstruction and Shaping) is included in Heavier7Strings to provide various tone adjusting functions:
+8RR: in addition to 16x recorded RR at maximum, random timbre and envelope changes are applied on samples to provide more vivid RR playing;
True doubling: two guitars playing simultaneously on left and right channel, each has individual random note delay and RR selection.
Sample-based LFO: modulate sample pitch with pitch curves extracted from real-world vibrato playing. This technique is adjustable in both degree and frequency, and is more realistic than just modulate the pitch by sine/ triangle wave.
Dynamically recoups the formant during pitch-bend.
Digitally emulated tone knob and pickup switch;
Adjustable tension and resonance.
Effect Rack

Heavier7Strings includes an effect rack. The effect rack has 19 effect modules, including AMP, Overdrive, Screamer, Flanger, Ping-Pong Delay, etc. The modules can be freely assembled, and all these modules can run in stereo to work with doubling mode.
The AMP and cabinet modules have following features:
AMP module works in 2-8X super sampling to avoid high frequency aliasing;
16 AMP styles from heavy metal to clean sound;
66 cabinet factory IRs (impulse responses) including various speakers and mics;
Users custom cabinet IR via WAV files;
At most four IRs mixed with different delay, volume and phasing.
In addition, the effect rack contains a preset manager to store effect presets, and a number of 200 factory presets are provided.

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  Member 9.03.2015 58
These features alone, makes it worth to try it:

"PitchBend: instead of barely doing pitch shifting, real-world pitch-bend has changes on formant. With THRASH engine, Heavier7Strings dynamically recoups the formant and produces refined pitch-bend sound.

(round robin) gives you different sound when notes are played repeatedly. The samples in Heavier7Strings have at most 16 RRs recorded, but with THRASH engine we are able to induce randomized tone changes in addition to actually recorded samples, thus produces more realistic repeated playing than just randomly repeats samples.

Adjustable real-world sampled-LFO for authentic vibrato: many samplers simply use sine wave to modulate pitch to produce vibratos. However, real vibratos played from a guitar player are far from sinusoid-modulated pitches. To pursue realistic and adjustable vibrato sound, we recorded the pitch shift curve from real-world vibrato playing, and use it to modulate the normal playing samples."
  Member 15.03.2017 9
Anyone down here? I would be amazing if someone can share it
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 450
Well, as the Demo with all the samples and a 'update' that turns it into the full program are freely available, then all you really need is a Serial Number or someone to create a keygen for it.

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