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To expand your sound palette, you can add additional ROM Soundblocks to your V.A.S.T. series instrument. These ROM blocks add a large, unique collection of instantly-available sounds to the permanent internal sound memory.

The Orchestral ROM Soundblock contains superb orchestral samples plus layers/splits/combinations and synth programs based on orchestral samples. The Orchestral soundblock provides 8 MB of sounds, including 100 new programs and 50 new setups. The ROM block also comes with a Program Farm, a disk with hundreds of extra programs that utilize the new samples added with the soundblock.

Soundset categories include: Orchestras, Winds, Brass, Solo Strings, String Sections, Plucked Strings, Keyboards, Percussion, and Synths.
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Kurzweil RM1-26 Orchestral ROM Samples
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Member 6.05.2014 182
how would one play these without a Kurzweil? they were hardware eproms.
  Member 7.02.2017 1 3
I know that. But it's not impossible to record samples off an expansion card.

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