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R2R talks on GONGGG release Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Midi controllers for efficient plugin control. Tonality: a definition or a notion? Liquid Drum and Bass LOVER ...Welcome ! Headphones recommended Zoom R20 MULTI TRACK RECORDER Death Metal Unfiltered Audio - Plugin Bundle (WiN) audio shitposting meme thread reFX Nexus 3 (Mac/WiN) workarounds, fixes, crashes, etc


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fresh releases

Samples » Kontakt
Digital Sound Factory Electronica Performance Synthesizer KONTAKT screenshot
Digital Sound Factory presents Kontakt Electronica collection mastered for the DSF Performance Synthesizer. Keep the crowd on their feet with this set of electronica tools. Hard core basses and raw synths and real-time control give you the power to harness the sound. Create new exciting textures and grooves on the fly and send your music into the airwaves. Synth effects, cool twisted modern synthesizer waveforms, and a large palate of dance hits are part of this high energy electronic sound set.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

sound effects, loops
ShamanStems Platinum Bundle WAV screenshot
WAV | 492 MB
After one full year of supremely successful releases ,ShamanStems bundles their top 3 bestselling libraries + BONUS material at a staggeringly low price.

Chicago House,NYC Tech House and Rooftop House,and a vast selection of organic single hits total up to 1290+ loops and oneshots of the highest grade.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » instruments
Digital Sound Factory Vocal Expessions Reason Refill screenshot
Reason Refill | 352 MB
Digital Sound Factory Vocal Expressions is a collection of vocal ensembles, vocal hooks, synth voices, & effects. The vocal ensembles were originally recorded by the Ensoniq sound design team. Portions were used for various Ensoniq keyboards, but the entire collection was never released. DSF has remastered these classic vocals for use with modern day computers. These vocals are ready to enhance your music.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » loops
Sounds To Sample Twisted Vocals of Odissi WAV screenshot
Sounds To Sample Twisted Vocals of Odissi WAV | 128 MB
Tackling the perennial problem of finding credible dance vocals head on comes acclaimed Lot 49 vocalist Odissi, with this 303MB sample pack loaded with twisted electro-infused vocals, adlibs, spoken word lines and more.

Original dance vocals are something we get asked about more than anything else at S2S and the truth is they're hard to come by. But not for Odissi, whose vocals - at the same time sultry and sordid - grace productions from Meat Katie and D. Ramirez, to Dylan Rhymes and Quest.

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples, sound effects, loops
Sounds To Sample Glitch and Twist Vocals WAV screenshot
Sounds To Sample Glitch & Twist Vocals WAV | 110 MB
Daft Vocoders, Glitched Vox FX, Nu-Noise Choirs, Twisted Spoken Clips and Pseudo-Melodics in this 150+ strong collection of all-new royalty free vocal loops at 125 and 128bpm.

Glitch & Twist Vocals takes a concertedly obtuse approach to vocals - jettisoning high end mics for instant song-starting toplines and hooks.

Reuploaded. Sunny

Software » Windows
MusicLab RealGuitar v3.0.1 screenshot
MusicLab RealGuitar v3.0.1
TEAM R2R | 2012.10.21 | 190.29MB

If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard.
Software » Windows
ChordWizard Software Songtrix Gold 3.01d-Lz0 screenshot ChordWizard Software Songtrix Gold 3.01d | 8 MB TEAM Lz0 2012-10-12
ChordWizard Songtrix it is - a revolutionary platform for musical creativity without looking back. Songtrix support the musicians and composers such as flexible and open way, as a word processor supports writers.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Dancemidisamples - Film Score Piano MIDI [WAV-MIDI-SF2] screenshot

Dancemidisamples - Film Score Piano MIDI
20-10-2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-MIDI-SF2 | 66MB

Providing the perfect backing sound to any Film, TV score or Pop track this pack provides 40 varied piano MIDI files designed precisely with your needs in mind. These enchanting, beautiful melodies will slip instantly into your productions providing an emotional back-drop to your visual masterworks. We've also included all the MIDI and audio used in our demo track including strings, pads and sound FX as loops for instant use as well as a specially constructed piano Sound Font.

This material is no longer available for download. Sorry.. PiRAT

Software » Windows
DJ Mixer Professional v3.0.4-MPT screenshot DJ Mixer Professional v3.0.4 | 16 MB TEAM MPT 17.10.2012
The Best VJ/DJ Software for Mac OS X and Windows. DJ Mixer Pro includes all the advanced features a real DJ needs. DJ Mixer Pro is a full-featured and complete VJ/DJ software for both beginner DJs and seasoned pros alike, It combines a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface with innovative mixing tools to help you perform electrifying live mixes! Take advantage of all four decks to create unique, complex, and dynamic mixes. Whether you mix Audio only, or require the added visual dynamics of Video & Karaoke mixing, DJ Mixer Pro’s innovative feature set, reliable mixing engine and intuitive interface will insure that you "Rock the House" every night. Automated beat matching, realtime effects, sampler, smart looping, tempo shifting, pitch shifting, MIDI controller support, video mixing, plus many more great features are all at your finger tips.
Windows, Mac OSX
iZotope Iris Voice Sound Library WiN MAC DUMP screenshot
WiN MAC DUMP | 198.40 MB
The Voice Sound Library melds the world of incredible spectral manipulation with the most powerful instrument there is—the human voice. With growling leads, ethereal choirs, percussive and beatboxing effects, indie pop-style vocal pads, and much more, Voice is dark, ominous, cheery and wonderfully musical all at the same time. Breathe a human element into your synthetic stylings with Voice.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Dancemidisamples - Total Trance Loops Vol 1 [WAV-MIDI] screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Total Trance Loops Vol 1
19.10.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-MIDI | 241MB

DMS Total Trance Loops Volume 1 delivers a massive hit of 20 silky smooth Trance loop construction kits featuring lead synth, pad and bassline parts in WAV & MIDI formats as well as bonus percussion loops, bonus MIDI files and FX! A total Trance construction toolbox!These loops have been specifically tailored to be ready for instant action in your sequencer so you'll be creating your own Trance anthems in no time! Don't like the sound? No problem! Just load up the MIDI file and your favourite VST and choose your own unique sound for the loop! You know the DMS standard by now - everything we do is intended to slot right into your productions, so if you're a trance producer and you want access to the best then pick up this pack right away!
Samples » loops
Dancemidisamples - Dubstep Loops & Samples [WAV-REX] screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Dubstep Loops & Samples
19.10.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-REX | 103MB

Over 360 Dubstep loops & samples! This awesome sample pack features everything you'll need to create your own Dubstep anthems including phat Dubstep bass loops, lead synth loops, drum loops, FX and a massive helping of single shot percussion samples for you to build into your own beats!If you're looking for a handy Dubstep construction kit then you'll love this pack - the download contains everything that you'll need to start producing your own Dubstep tracks in no time!
loops, presets, patches, impulses
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 4 screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 4

Another top-notch Trance track for you to explore and learn from our Pro producers here at DMS! Trance Construction for Logic Pro 04 expands on the previous installments of the series exploring the depths of Logic's powerful production engine. The Logic template covers advanced production techniques including EQ, side-chaining, mixing using busses, bus automation, use of FX, arrangement skills and more.


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