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Synapse Audio DUNE v3.0.1 CE-V.RArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 CSE-V.RSonible smartEQ2 v1.0.2-R2RPlugin Boutique Scaler v1.6.1 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.2.3 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 macOS App, au, vst ,vst3 [64 bits]-[k]offsetu-he Hive CE-VR



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- D&B - 311 (3.62%)
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- Trance - 456 (5.31%)
- Industrial - 138 (1.61%)

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Why FL Studio 20 doesn´t show up in the sister website browser? The Science of Well-Being (happiness) TIM the Christmas Zombie Some Nebula Libraries Won't Show Up!!! Two Worlds Show your Basses and tell us about it. Sample library like Epic: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design but no kontakt???? Can Music Corrupt Your Morals? Apple Has Demonstrated They Don't Care About Computer Musicians [GET A PC] FL Studio 20.1


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fresh releases

AlexB German Mastering Console for Nebula 3 screenshot
AlexB German Mastering Console for Nebula 3
Make it sound like a record

The legendary sound of "the Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd was mastered with this German console/eQ which makes program audio sound better just by passing through it's circuits. When you shape your sound with this equalizer the results will be fantastic, regardless of musical style.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

multi-libraries, loops
Kicksandsnares Monster Kicks WAV-DISCOVER screenshot
Monster Kicks contains 35 kick drum samples, finely tuned by our team for Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and many other musical genres. If you need MASSIVE kick drum sounds that will rumble like thunder through your tracks, then Monster Kicks is for you.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Windows, Mac OSX, multi-libraries, instruments, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai, Video Tutorials
Music Tech Magazine Issue 118 DVD Content FULL screenshot Music Tech Magazine Issue 118 DVD Content FULL DVD 1: 2.6 GB | DVD 2: 3.72 GB
New products coming under the eyes of Music Tech’s experts this month include AKAI’s MPC Renaissance, Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac, MOTU Track16, AMS Neve 88RLB, Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars 2, Sonodyne SM 200AK, iZotope Trash 2 and more…
Samples » multi-libraries
Prime Loops Pop Guitars MULTiFORMAT screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 12 February 2013 | 1.85 GB
If changing strings has never been your strong point, put down those pliers and pick up "Pop Guitars"! Fresh from the Prime Loops sound suite, this electric guitar sample pack offers an astounding array of warm, organic tones perfect for mainstream pop productions!

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples » instruments
Ueberschall Rare Grooves Vol.1 ELASTiK screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 12 February 2013 | 1.43 GB
The wild, wild seventies - experiments in all areas and of course in music! This decade has stretched the borders of technology and expanded the sounds and styles in a wide range. It is not without a cause, this decade has been sampled most by producers and DJs. Rare Grooves exactly offers this feeling but on a legal base.

Reuploaded. Sunny

Samples, instruments, loops
Prime Loops Dirty Bass Stabs Dubstep ACiD WAV MULTi PATCHES-DISCOVER screenshot
It's time to feel the thrust of our Dirty Bass Stabs once again and this time we're brining you the Dubstep edition! This incisive sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops cutting room has been professionally produced to swing some fresh slices of mammoth bass into your Dubstep mixes!The second instalment in our razor-sharp Dirty Bass Stabs series, this Dubstep edition pushes that essential low-end element and twists it right into your mix, provoking a reaction of bittersweet bass vibes that will rupture the airwaves and render your productions positively imposing!Featuring 15 pulverising patches, also delivered in deconstructed kit form, Dirty Bass Stabs: Dubstep arrives in formats for EXS24, HALION, Kontakt, Maschine, NN-XT and SFZ - all of your favourite software samplers!

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » multi-libraries
Bollywoodsounds Tumbilicious Tumbi Loops ACiD WAV AiFF REX2-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 12 February 2013 | 449 MB
A brand new pack from Bollywoodsounds, Tumbilicious features the most usable Tumbi/Tumba Loops from Punjab, India. Tumbi is the most featured instrument which can be found on numerous bhangra/Punjabi/ Bollywood Music. The finest musicians have performed stunning pieces on this instrument. This library has been specially developed for our loyal customers, who have been asking for this for a long time.
multi-libraries, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Trance Euphoria Future Trance Anthems Vol 1 For Zebra 2-DISCOVER screenshot
Trance Euphoria Future Trance Anthems Vol 1 For Zebra 2

'Future Trance Anthems Vol 1 For Zebra 2' is Trance Euphoria's long-awaited first sound set for the very popular UHE Zebra 2 synth. This pack features a total of 103 new patches for your Trance needs. Every patch has been sculpted for maximum impact in your next Trance masterpiece. If you're into artists such as Fast Distance, Stonevalley, Ferry Corsten, AVB, Matt Darey, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Sash, Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Push, Vincent De Moor, Sander Van Doorn, Alex MORPH, PVD, Sean Tyas, and many more, then you will love these patches.
Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Sounds To Sample Organic Talkbox Grooves WAV MIDI screenshot
Quakeaudio | 13-02-2013 | WAV/MIDI | 177 MB
No more sterilizing that old plastic tube on your homemade talk box, Sounds to Sample's latest sample and preset pack, Organic Talkbox is the one stop pack for producers looking for that "meow-lectro" sound conquering the disco and indie dance scene! Recorded exclusive through Rocktron's Banshee 2 Talkbox, Organic Talkbox is an economical digital alternative to the world of expensive hardware.
multi-libraries, instruments, loops
Prime Loops Greatest Drum Hits Pop ACiD WAV MULTi PATCHES-DISCOVER screenshot
Welcome to Prime Loops' brand new quality-smashing series, featuring the finest drum one-shots this side of Mars - Greatest Drum Hits!Hand-picked from across the entire history of the Prime Loops catalogue, this series delivers to you only the best and biggest drum sounds available. The series will be spread across the most popular genres in music today, so you can choose the pack that best suits your production needs.This pack brings you over 230 of the most chart smashing drum hits Pop has to offer, plucked from the most expertly crafted Prime Loops Pop releases. Choose to unwrap this ultimate collection and you'll find kicks, snares, claps, hats, cymbals and percussion, narrowed down from our vast array of one-shots so you can kick back and roll beats all day long!

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, loops
Prime Loops Pop Guitars ACiD WAV REX-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | 12 FEBRUARY 2013 | 634 MB
If changing strings has never been your strong point, put down those pliers and pick up "Pop Guitars"! Fresh from the Prime Loops sound suite, this electric guitar sample pack offers an astounding array of warm, organic tones perfect for mainstream pop productions!From solid strumming to precise picking, the guitar has been the star in the eyes of pop producers since the genre's inception. The instrument on which many incredible arrangements were born, the guitar is hugely versatile in the range of elements it can bring! You'll find all of these fundamental elements in this string-ringing guitar sound library!

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Vandalism Sylenth Is Shocking 5 For Sylenth1-DISCOVER screenshot
'Sylenth Is Shocking 5' is a big bundled collection of presets for the Sylenth1 VSTi. Inside you can find 159 perfectly made sounds. There is everything you need for your House, Electro, Dubstep, Progressive, Trance, Dirty Dutch, Pop and Dance productions, including leads, basses, synths, pads, arps and effects.

Reuploaded. PiRAT


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