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Rock, Metal - 1194 (13.08%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 1711 (18.75%)
Jazz, Classical - 338 (3.7%)
World, New Age - 95 (1.04%)
Avant-Garde - 98 (1.07%)
Folk, Country - 82 (0.9%)
Ska - 20 (0.22%)
Electronic (general) - 1998 (21.9%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 190 (2.08%)
- Club, Dance - 299 (3.28%)
- D&B - 334 (3.66%)
- House - 898 (9.84%)
- Trance - 474 (5.19%)
- Industrial - 146 (1.6%)

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fresh releases


Samples, outdated
Big Fish Audio Dirt Keeps The Funk WAV REX2-AI screenshot
Team AI | 08-27-2003 | 508.85 MB
The mothership has landed! Inspired by Parliament, Funkadelic and other P-funk pioneers, the live played loops and grooves on this unique CD are sure to shake any booty. Dirt Keeps The Funk is jam-packed with bubbling, Bootsyrific bass guitar lines, laid-back drum beats, wah-wah rhythm guitars, go-go style percussion and psychedelic synth riffs, all waiting to tear the roof off your sampler. P!Funk!
Windows, outdated
Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard EP-2 v2.0-H2O screenshot
TEAM H2O | 27.08.03 | 10 MB
The Lounge Lizard is a software electric piano based on the classic instruments of the 70’(Rhodes, Wurlitzer). Each component of these instruments has been modeled with AAScutting edge physical modeling technology to provide realistic and lively sounds.Physical modeling uses the laws of physics to reproduce the behavior of an object. In other words, the Lounge Lizard solves, in real time, mathematical equations describing how its different components function. No sampling or wavetables are used in the Lounge Lizard, the sound is simply calculated in real time by the CPU according to the values each parameter is receiving. The Lounge Lizard is more than a simple recreation of vintage instruments, its parameters can be tweaked to extreme values not possible with the real instruments to get some truly amazing new sounds that still retain a warm acoustic quality.
Samples, Kontakt, outdated
Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand 24bit EXS24 HALion Kontakt PROPER-ALFiSO screenshot
Team ALFiSO | 2004-01-22 | 2.17 GB
The Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290 very accurately captures the exact sound of a real Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290. All other sampled Bosendorfers that are available from other companies do not sound like a real Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290 and sound very artificial and processed, much like that of an electronic keyboard piano rather than a real piano. The vast majority of professionals who have all sampled pianos still proclaim the Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290 to be by far the best sounding sampled piano in the world even though it has been released over three years ago, and they hardly ever use any of the other newer sampled pianos if they use them at all because none of the others sound nearly as good.
Arturia Analog Factory VSTi RTAS v2.5 Incl.Keygen-AiR screenshot
TEAM AIR | VSTI | RTAS | 01.04.10 | 100 MB
Arturia Arturia Analog Factory 2.5 is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use virtual instrument. Loaded with 3500 legendary sounds (instead of 2000 in the first version) carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths, Analog Factory provides the contemporary musician with a broad, versatile and instantly striking sonic palette. It is also a very versatile instrument: all sounds are dramatically modifiable, which makes this software stand apart from any sample-based collection of sounds.
Analog Factory 2.5 is not only a powerful source of amazing synthesizer sounds. It is also a very versatile instrument: all sounds are dramatically modifiable, which makes this software stand apart from any sample-based collection of sounds. Analog Factory has been developed with TAE, Arturia's award winning proprietary technology for analog emulation, which guarantees an unprecedented accuracy in modelling originals.
Samples, outdated
Zero-G Creative Essentials Series Vol.12 HipHop and Swing Breakdown WAV-DViSO screenshot
Team DViSO | 09-01-2003 | 251.32 MB
A construction kit of cutting edge sounds for Hip Hop/Rap & Swingbeat music. It's a journey from 70's Funk to Snoop, from East Coast to Eurorap, a cool collection of phat loops, Grooves & ol' Skool Funk samples - Bass Tones & Grooves, Funky Guitar Riffs, Keys, Horny Horns & Saxes, Cheesy Synths, Vinyl FX, Drums & Percussion, etc - over 300 kickin' samples.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Drums from the Big Room ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
DYNAMICS | ACID WAV | 4.27.5 | 2.85 GB
Sony Creative Software presents Steve Ferrone & Greg Ladanyi: Drums from the Big Room, our premier, five disc collection of multitrack drum performance loops. Join world-class drummer Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, Tom Petty) and Grammy Award-winning producer Greg Ladanyi (Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Toto) at Burbank¹s fabulous O¹Henry Sound Studios, and work with a perfect synergy of talent, producer, and performance space! The Drums from the Big Room collection provides stacks of multitracked drum kit performance loops in five popular genres: rock, pop, R&B, jazz, and reggae.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Synchro Funk ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
DYNAMICS | ACID WAV | 7.11.5 | 420 MB
Sony Creative Software presents the Synchro-Funk™ collection, a sample library for power users that projects the venerable Endlessflow dev team’s shimmering expertise into the realm of contemporary funk. The Synchro-Funk library delivers smooth, traditional-sounding riffs and licks, hard-quantized, paint-peeling electronica grooves, quirky, time-splintering esoterica, and hybrid funk with heavy metal overtones.
Open this construction kit and make finished music straight out of the box with beats and basslines, melodies and atmospheres, arpeggios and pads — everything you need. Superb Endlessflow libraries, from the critically acclaimed Ugly Remnants™ series to the circuit-bending TOYZ™ collection, are the stepping stones to the Synchro-Funk experience. With the hallmarks of versatility, ultra hi-fidelity, genre-blindness, and progressive ideology, this one-of-a-kind library boasts heavy-duty toolkit material that producers everywhere can use to make electrifying tracks. Use the Synchro-Funk library royalty-free, in ACID® software, or with any other hardware and software platform that uses .wav files.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Textures And Soundscapes Robin Storeys Rapoon ACID WAV-SoSISO screenshot
SOSISO | ACID WAV | 4.6.4 | 460 MB
The Rapoon: Textures & Soundscapes collection is an assemblage of deep ambient soundscapes ranging from distant background textures to surreal post-industrial noise and processed ethnic percussion loops. As a founding member of the prolific art music ensemble :zoviet-france: and the artistic genius behind more than a dozen critically-acclaimed solo releases as Rapoon, Robin Storey's achievements as a conceptual artist and sound designer remain completely original and uncompromised over more than twenty continuous years of work. Robin Storey and Sony Creative Software are delighted to offer you this exclusive glimpse into the immersive, enveloping worlds of Rapoon.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Dr Finks Funk Factory ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
DYNAMICS | ACID WAV | 8.18.5 | 1.05 GB
For more than ten years, Matt Fink held down the keyboard spot in one of the most influential bands of all time: Prince & the Revolution. Outfitted in surgeons' regalia, 'Dr. Fink' was selected by Prince to partake in the complete vision: writing, recording, and live onstage. Now, Matt Fink is prepared to enhance your vision, with an invitation to the Dr. Fink's Funk Factory™ library, a Sony Sound Series Premium Collection library that delivers all the core components of the classic Eighties pop/funk sound: majestic polyphonic analog synth themes, payday grooves captured directly from vintage machines, realtime clavinet licks, searing solos and motifs, those classic orchestral stabs — a complete genre delivered with total authenticity and blazing fidelity. Capture this magical vibe — the same talent, the actual instruments, the studio expertise, and the sound that went around the world in a day — and turn it loose in your own digital workspace: ACID® software, and every software and hardware platform that supports .wav files.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Joe Vitale And Joe Vitale Jr Junkyard Rhythms ACID WAV-SoSISO screenshot
TEAM SOSISO | ACID WAV | 8.6.4 | 400 MB
Picture two grown men spending countless hours pounding away at a pile of worthless junk. Then, picture yourself paying good money to acquire hundreds of little snippets of what this might sound like. Strange? Maybe at first pass, but everything becomes crystal clear when you discover that the men are superstar percussionist Joe Vitale and producer Joe Vitale Jr.; the sounds are from our Junkyard Rhythms collection; and the buyers of this noise are part of the worldwide network of renegade music makers who use the amazing ACID® software engine to blaze new trails in modern music. After building the debut Latin Percussion collection, the Vitales momentarily ran out of things to hit. So off to the junkyard they went, in search of chance metallic objects that yield maximum klang. What they found will amaze you! So, if you need some percussion that’ll make people say, “What the heck is that!?” then look no further than the Junkyard Percussion library – because one man’s trash is another man’s drum kit.
loops, outdated
Sony MediaSoftware Bradley Fish Restrung ACID WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
DYNAMICS | ACID WAV | 3.2.5 | 350 MB
This follow-up to the Bradley Fish: Unstrung (2002) collection finds multi-instrumentalist Bradley Fish coaxing even more beauty from his amazing arsenal of stringed instruments. But there's a cool new twist: for the Restrung collection, Bradley called on veteran library producer Brian Daly to help develop a collection that elevates loop library design aesthetics to a whole new level. Nine hundred royalty-free loops are merely the appetizer in this incredible package that includes seven fully-produced, ACID® software projects that can be used as-is, as song starters for your own custom tracks, or as mixed .wav files – instant production music that you can drop right on your timeline! The Bradley Fish sound embraces rock, folk, blues, Asian, Arabic, and electronic forms, and Brian Daly's post-production, organization, and assembly work frames these sounds in the ideal package – an easy-to-use construction kit that's fun, flexible, and overflowing with possibilities.
Samples, outdated
M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.48 Hella Bumps 3 ACiD AiFF REX2-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 11.09.05 | 514.22 MB
From the number-one selling producer of Hella Bumps Discs 1 and 2, Hella Bumps Disc 3: West Coast Concepts continues to bring you neck-snappin', trunk rumblin' hip hop loops with a West Coast flava. In addition to a ton of bangin' loops in standard formats, you also get kick and snare hits for creating your own drum kits. Hella Bumps Disc 3 is your license for disturbin' the peace.

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