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I want more members to become Residents, so i'm asking you to invite those you know and trust.

Simply paste link to member's profile in comments and i will review it.

P.S. don't forget that you won't see BlackListed Section from Feeds


  Resident 28.07.2009 6 342
crappy, the time of the hippies have gone long ago mate... accept that we live in a not-so-perfect world yes

but yes so far so good for Audioz, our favest site on the net

so we gotta be a wee bit careful to keep it that way

meanwhile, do suggest new residents, those who deserve it

but as i said, add only a few, go slow with this for everyone's benefits
happy in here... <^.^>
  Resident 30.08.2010 548
@ MAudio , SAiNT and all others. Being promoted to "RESIDENT" should not be based on how many posts or how long someone has been a member. What should count is the content of the posts! Plain and simple.If a member is a moron then no matter how many posts or the length of membership, He\she is still a moron.
Get a job
  Banned 31.12.2012 1006 2958
you relate content of posts to being a moron? So if someone doesn't upload "quality" posts then he/she is a moron? That's a quality if/then statement there buddy. Very justifiable.
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 358
I dont know any of these guys and never talked to them, but I remember a guy I saw trying to help, I guess he's french as once he thanked the OP in french, his username is Millenium, and he uses homer simpson as an avatar...I let you decide whether you want to let him or her in, but I guess this guy (or girl!) might be OK

also what about roland666, I often saw him complain about old releases that were posted without a date! ... so he might have been following the warez scene for a little while now ...

actually most of the guys posting comments are already it's not easy to spot the new guys out!
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Resident 14.05.2011 69
I don't trust my shadow so I tells know one!
  Resident 19.11.2010 107
Ahhh, I understand what it is now.
  Resident 28.07.2009 6 342
good call lysergyk:


and Millenium

...both checked OK! wink

adding Captain Future

suggesting for approval
happy in here... <^.^>
  Administrator 1.01.2004 290 1074
roland666, Millenium and Captain_Future were promoted to Residents. mates
  Resident 9.04.2011 696
Well... nice move, SAiNT! yes

BUT (and it's a big "BUT") we all must be VERY careful. So I've been thinking about...:

1) Which of my friends could be *seriously* interested (either as uploaders or downloaders) in AudioZ?

2) Which of those would *appreciate* the value of this community?

3) Which of these are *TRULY* 200% trustable?

And well... after being DJ/producer for 30 years, and knowing *LOTS* of people, my list is very, very, very short. I'd say about 4 people or so who would definitely "pass the acid [AudioZ] test" wink

But I'll see how, when and, mainly, *IF* I'm telling them...

Oh... and again: The [BL] is a very good idea...
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 12.11.2009 4 61
I totally agree with "lysergyk" and his take on this, I also want to do as much as i can to help AudioZ, it's my favorite site, I have posted few things here because all the new and good stuff is already here, but whenever I have something good, i will post it, also I would have no problem in contributing with money to support the server or with anything I can do to help. But one of the things I have always loved about AudioZ it's that is a very friendly forum and very inclusive. Because in the end the Idea here is to share things, because if not what would be the point, and I think that all the TEAMS do what they do to share things and to try before buy, so I think AudioZ should stay inclusive and friendly


Keep On Grooving!!
  Resident 16.09.2010 1387
after not seeing a single thing on the 'BL' that looked..umm..special?...

maybe its a good idea, to add a few things to the private section that no one else has access to..

Otherwise, what's the point? dunno
  Administrator 1.01.2004 290 1074
But one of the things I have always loved about AudioZ it's that is a very friendly forum and very inclusive. Because in the end the Idea here is to share things

  Resident 24.03.2009 3 276
don't start the "dont make money from wares argument" lol

I still remember the great argument of 2009...... (and that lasted months)
  Resident 10.10.2011 1 417
Not even my girlfriend and son know about my black secret no
  Resident 5.11.2011 191
Thanks to accept me like resident wink

Me too!

Sorry I'm not in a position to contribute, but I really appreciate this site. mates
"Of course I lied. Now I'm denying it!"
  Resident 9.12.2011 106
only one guy i trust and he's already on here


and thank you to whoever recommended me
and accepted me
Keepin Audioz A Secret Since 2011
  Resident 24.01.2012 4 438
appreciate the fact i'm a resident now. have been tuning in to site for a long time, just became a member until recently. hope yall keep this site rocking for the rest of my lifetime :D if i have anything to share with yall i will, until then my greatest gratitude!

Smoke on fellows, peace from Amsterdam!

p.s. i don't like moles angry
The Matrix is a documentary...
  Resident 21.09.2011 15 726
I just wanted to thank you for accepting me as resident. Even I'm not downloading from this site (for me torrents are faster & safer), it's sometimes great place to see what's new.
Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
  Resident 5.06.2012 54
Don't know if being a resident means that I can live here...
And if I'm gonna be kicked out after a couple of months of no activity...
Well...; then I'll just become a member again (from scratch) story of my life...
BTW..; I know a lot of trustworthy great musicians, but most of them avoid the internet altogether still...
  Resident 30.08.2010 27
A trusted fellow

  Resident 20.12.2011 23 9
only one guy i can trust n will also contribute
  Resident 18.09.2011 9
Here is a link to my brothers profile. You can trust him so don't worry.

  Resident 25.02.2012 712
Dear SAiNT:

Please stop the site plagiarism resources and information to administrator Report of the Register, and, when necessary, shield the member.This is the site to intercept your stickers:

The site is reproduced and plagiarism the site resources Audioz and as the purpose of commercial gain, please report immediately to the administrator and, as far as possible, to prevent their infringement, thank you!I will continue to collect their illegal activities, until they stopped.
  Resident 15.04.2012 1 56
I just want to say THANKS, SAiNT, for bringing me here. I had NO idea, whatsoever, that this VIP section existed. This is awesome! lol, it's kinda funny because AudioZ was already my favorite website before this invite! Once again, thanks so much!!
  Resident 16.02.2012 20
Thanx SAINT! love the site, will see who i trust, AudioZ is king!
  Resident 28.04.2012 7
Thanks alot Saint , I appreciate it very much !!

  Resident 24.12.2011 1 88
cheers saint --- if im to tell anyone, id have to kill them after
Treat others the same way you would like to be treated...
  Resident 21.08.2012 27
Thanks Saint ,great honor to be resident here.
Resources published here are being sold on shopping web site.
If you guys can look on
This is only a example ,they are quite up-to-date with the posts here.
I think it will be helpful if we use invite registration.

Your portrait indicates you have been a killer for a long time dont you.
  Resident 10.10.2012 99
Im really glad to be trusted.

I hope I can contribute and deliver something good to the community as a retribution to all the knowledge and quality content that this wbsite holds.

Lets Make Music History!
  Resident 10.10.2012 99

Dont misread my post, I understand what you mean, but you do realize that not everyone has access to new stuff and can post something new(especially as some guys here are damn fast to post the lastest stuff!)...and if everyone were to have access to all the new releases that are posted here and could contribute by posting them...what would be the point of this site?
why would the guys who are already able to get BL release for instance need to be residents or have any special status here...most of them can fend for themelves and dont need no websites...

I couldn't say it in better terms. Tottaly agree with ur point of view.
But I can say it for my self, I do feel like I have a great debt to pay for the amazing things I find in this place, and of course the amount of knowledge I am gaining. Its not all about DWL stuff, I'm reading a lot, getting infos about new stuff, companies etc.
Sumarizing, I honestly dont know yet how to repay, but I swear I'm thinking in a way do be able to do that.

By the time and dont find it, I will keep say thanks to express how grateful I am.
Lets Make Music History!

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