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Good vocalrecording in an untreated room? Izotope Vocal Synth Crashing - M1 Ventura Waves Complete for Windows 11, stable version? Which Acustica Audio plugins have you deleted and kept and why? FS: Pro tools,Softube,Sonnox,Antares,Relab,Xln Audio and more 2023-2024 Best Plugins? Suno AI Music Creation Platform Logic Pro issue, no tracks playing What lubricant do ou use on your strings? Maschine to MPC conversion project nearly completed


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fresh releases

Samples, sound effects, loops
Phibes Patreon February Sample pack WAV-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 20 May 2024 | 90 MB
As the long winter comes to a close were off on a 2 month tour on Friday. We leave the UK for chillier north American pastures to spread the good word of DNB across the globe! Were leaving our studio behind but fear not, we have written so much to release in the coming months but first we wanted to give you a tune we`ve been sitting on for some time which has been a dub amongst friends and DJs since 2020. Newly mastered and tinkered with for easier mixing for 2023 our Promises bootleg!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Karanyi Sounds Creative Dimensions for Vapor Dimension-Keyo screenshot
Vapor Dimension Presets | AudioZ Exclusive | 11.16 KB
A Universe of Modulations

Take a leap into the audacious sounds of the Creative Dimensions DLC for Vapor Dimension. This expansion pack is not just a collection of presets; it’s a gateway to a sonic odyssey. Each setting within the Creative Dimensions invites you to explore rich, modulated tones that resonate with depth and complexity. Unleash waves of pulsating choruses, swirling phasers, and harmonies that defy conventional soundscapes. Embrace the brave and unique modulations that propel your music into a new dimension.
Blind Audio Planetary Drum & Bass WAV-Jeggar screenshot
Jeggar | WAV | 268.58 MB
'Planetary: Drum & Bass' by Blind Audio brings you a high-octane collection of loops and one-shot samples, perfectly crafted to give your latest tracks an adrenaline-soaked edge. Kick it into high gear and explore the vast unknown with this out-of-this-world palette of pure sonic aggression!
Software » Windows
Pulsar Modular Complete Effects Bundle 2024.5.20-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 05.2024 | 93.5 MB
Pulsar Modular Complete Effects Bundle for mixing and mastering high-quality sounds, is a robust and thorough passive EQ plugin. The program combines the strength of the top passive equalizers from the previous 70 years with a number of unique design elements to produce a completely original sound. With extremely rich sources like synth pads or synth basses, it can also be utilized as a sculpting tool. It features a straightforward and user-friendly graphic interface with a quick and adaptable process for producing high-quality sounds.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Karanyi Sounds Lo-fi Realm for Midnite screenshot
Presets | 66Kb
Dive into the world of lo-fi with our “Lo-fi Realm” DLC. This set is carefully crafted with a focus on lo-fi hip-hop, lo-fi pop sounds, offering 40 finely-tuned presets. This collection encompasses pads, keys, leads, bass and more.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the Lo-fi Realm DLC requires Midnite. Midnite is sold separately and not included in this product.
Software, Windows
BOZ Digital Lab Big Clipper v2.1.0 WiN-BUBBiX screenshot
BUBBiX | 20 May 2024 | 24 MB
Distortion is one of the most powerful tools in an engineer’s toolbox. When used subtly, it can enhance even the cleanest acoustic instruments. When used with a heavy hand, it can increase aggression and loudness. But like all powerful tools, if you use it wrong, it can have disastrous consequences.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Karanyi Sounds Flame for Analog Tales 2 Kontakt-Keyo screenshot
Presets | 628Kb
Flame was crafted by the hottest electronic music producers and YouTubers, including SNYL, Dixon Beats, SumnSumnSumn HTK, and Simulation Beats. With 70 exclusive presets designed for genres like electronic dance music, lo-fi beats, and cinematic soundscapes, this collection will help you experience the full potential of analog warmth and overdrive in your productions.
Blaze new trails in the world of music!


Samples » Kontakt
Sample Logic Taste The Fury KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
20/05/2024 | KONTAKT | 58 MB
Sample Logic invites you to experience the potential of DRUM FURY with a free single Taiko Drum Ensemble instrument straight out of the apocalyptic collections of drums found in DRUM FURY. If you like this first taste, then just wait until you can feast on all the fury of the full DRUM FURY library, an extensive 11 GB collection of over 100 apocalyptic KONTAKT drum instruments. This is epic cinematic percussion at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances that have been captured and programmed to perfection. A world of percussion awaits you!
Samples » Kontakt
Oomind Studio Hardy Bass v1.1 KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
20/05/2024 | KONTAKT | 349 MB
We have created a virtual bass to be used in any project.

This virtual bass tries to get the real sound of a bass, taking into account the human factor. For this reason, this bass has been recorded using round robin layers and pick articulations (up and down) controlled by key switches. It has a three band EQ, configured to modify the sound where this particular instrument requires.This instrument has a huge note range, from A-2 to G-3, which is really good for some genres, like rock and metal.
Samples » Kontakt
I Have No Mouth LOW Explosive Taiko Drums Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 360 MB
An in-depth sampling of 5 authentic Japanese taiko drums, played by actual taiko drummers. In total: 1 O-daiko, 2 okedo-daiko, and 2 shime-daiko, with multiple velocities & sounds.
Hello! I’m Grady, a taiko drummer from Las Vegas (currently drumming with Korabo Taiko). The drums in this pack were sampled from a taiko recording session I did back in March of 2021. They were recorded by Sam Friend, Robert Katz, & Barrett Ver Planck in Robert Katz’ Room at Wackerman Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. These recordings culminated in my album “LOW”, which can be listened to here:
Samples » Kontakt
Gianluca Piras CONCRETA Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 183 MB
Acoustic sound design elements and rhythms
CONCRETA is basically a library of sound objects that comes from my passion for electroacoustic music, indeed it’s quite common in this context to manufacture acoustic laptops amplified with piezoelectric microphones at home, in order to expand, through processes of sound manipulation in real time, the purely acoustic characteristics of the instrument.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Togu Audio Line TAL U NO LX V2 v4.8.6 Win Mac Linux [Needs R2R Keygen] screenshot
P2P | Win Mac Linux | 46 MB
TAL-U-NO-LX is a complete rewritten emulation of the popular Juno 60 with a new engine and GUI. Up to date zero feedback delay filters and carefully calibrated controls make this synth a good replacement for the analog device with all the advantages software plugins have. As an addition, the TAL-U-NO-LX also supports portamento and different filter LFO waveforms and some more useful features. An arpeggiator with different sync modes and hold function is also included. A very fast envelope with a smooth roll-off, emulated inaccuracy and a very smooth filter sound gives this synth the typical sound. The synth was calibrated after a hardware device that's property of TAL.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Togu Audio Line TAL J 8 v1.8.2 Win Mac Linux [Needs R2R Keygen] screenshot
P2P | Win Mac Linux | 55 MB
The TAL-J-8 is a very accurate emulation of the popular 80’s hardware synthesiser and calibrated after our own Jupiter 8 device. All sounds are generated in realtime without the use of any samples with the same endless modulation possibilities like the hardware and useful additional features like the calibration section that can make the filter scream.

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