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Education » Video Tutorials
MyMixLab How To Record Vocals TUTORiAL-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Feb 2021 | 646.0MB
In this week's all new course, Reid Stefan teaches his complete vocal chain and workflow for recording vocals like a pro. This tutorial covers everything from the mic, to hardware processing, into the Apollo interface and Console app where Reid creates a headphone mix for any vocalist. This course also covers the correct levels for recording vocals with and without hardware in between your microphone and interface. After recording vocals Reid uses LUFS metering plugins to check the levels of vocals against other mix groups such as Drums, synths, and mastering.
Education » Video Tutorials
MyMixLab Studio One Template TUTORiAL-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Feb 2021 | 312.4MB
Studio One is the DAW of choice for 3x Grammy Engineer Luca Pretolesi. In this course he shows you how to build his mixing template from scratch using Studio One 5. Luca teaches you how to create tracks, organize, processing, gain staging, and mastering. This course is your complete mixing and mastering template and you can download the projects to use for your next mix.
Samples, sound effects, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Four4 Ambient Techno WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 06 February 2021 | 113 MB
Leaning on classics of the era for inspiration, Ambient Techno blends ethereal aesthetic with pounding beats. Packed with synthetic percussion, rolling basslines, and brooding synths, this richly varied collection explores traditional techno from a unique perspective. Processed through modular and pristine outboard gear, Ambient Techno delivers a one-of-a-kind sound that is essential for techno and ambient heads.
Software » Windows
Voxengo plug-ins & tools bundle 2021.2 CE-V.R Rev screenshot
V.R | 02.2021 | 103 MB
Voxengo offers you high-quality professional DAW audio plugins: VST plugins, AAX plugins and AU plugins, and sample rate converters. Our goal is to provide user-friendly, robust, and efficient solutions for audio and music production, including mastering and surround sound. Voxengo professional audio plugins will empower your creativity and help improve the quality of your stereo and surround sound audio and music production.
Samples » Kontakt
Cinematic Samples Cinematic Studio Woodwinds KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT - 98,52 GB
A powerful wind instrument sample library for Kontakt Player
Cinematic Studio Woodwinds is a superbly versatile library that will add a new and important dimension to your musical palette. With the gorgeous sound and stunning realism of these instruments you’ll find yourself wanting to feature woodwinds in your musical creations in new and exciting ways. Boasting the same intuitive and efficient GUI as the strings and brass, CSW is designed to perfectly complement the rest of the Cinematic Studio Series. This outstanding orchestral wind instrument library is available now for Kontakt and Kontakt Player.
Software, Windows
Voxengo bundle 2021.2 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 6 February 2021 | 103 MB
AnSpec v1.3 - Free analog-style one/third-octave spectrum analyzer
Beeper v2.9 - Insert beep, noise burst or silence signals
BMS v2.4 - Bass Management System plugin for surround
Boogex v3.3 - Free Guitar amplifier
Corellometer v1.3 - Free Corellometer
CRTIV Chorus v1.4 - Creative Chorus
CRTIV Reverb v2.3 - Creative Reverb
Software » Windows
ChordPulse v2.6-LAXiTY screenshot
LAXiTY | 06 February 2021 | 5.31 MB
ChordPulse is an easy-to-use virtual band that is great for practising, improvisation, inspiration and just having lots of fun with music. You can use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more. Play and sing along with ChordPulse, experiment with musical ideas, styles, and chords in no time.
Software » Mac OSX
NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter v2.2.0 MacOSX-HCiSO screenshot
HCiSO | 06 February 2021 | 108 MB
NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is one such application that can convert your playlists and tracks to popular audio file formats so that you can enjoy them in all sorts of scenarios. If your Spotify audio library comprises all your goodies, but you feel the restriction of playing your music in a limited number of contexts unbearable, perhaps it was time to turn to a DRM protection removal tool.
Samples » Kontakt
Sudden Audio RAW Strings KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Feb 2021 | 9.66GB
Strings, Reimagined
RAW Strings is a contemporary strings library focusing on organic, lively sound and innovative expression.

Inspired by modern cinematic composers, RAW Strings combines closely recorded violin, viola, and cello with haunting effects and extended sampling techniques. Create gorgeous string textures with dozens of hand-crafted presets, or dig deeper into the flexible interface to create your own unique soundscapes.


Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Hal Leonard Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits (Bass) PDF screenshot
PDF | 9.70 MB
Essential for Peppers fans! Features Flea's inimitable playing transcribed note for note with tab on top tracks from Mother's Milk to By the Way, plus two new bonus songs! 16 hits: Breaking the Girl • By the Way • Californication • Fortune Faded • Give It Away • Higher Ground • My Friends • Otherside • Parallel Universe • Road Trippin' • Save the Population • Scar Tissue • Soul to Squeeze • Suck My Kiss • Under the Bridge • Universally Speaking.

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